If you learn the exercises correctly and practise enough, you are sure to feel the benefits within the first week. You will feel healthier, more energetic, and most noticeable will be the improved stamina.

If you are already healthy and practise Qigong one hour a day, you should not have a major illness. An hour of Qigong is sufficient to charge your healthy cells for about 24 hours. Even if you practise 2-3 times per week, you can still expect to remain healthy and not get the major chronic diseases. But if you practise only once a week, it is insufficient to protect you against illnesses.

If you already suffer from a serious or chronic disease, then you need to do more.

For Guolin Qigong, those who wish to recover from cancer must do 4 hours every day ( 2 hours morning and 2 hours evening with enough rest in between the exercises ). Of course, many are too sick or too tired to do that much exercise. So they start with whatever they can cope first. If they are bed-ridden then they can visualise the exercises in their mind and do only the movements that are possible. As they improve, they do more movements until they are able to walk and go outdoors. In doing the exercises, they should rest as soon as they feel tired, because the whole purpose is to feed the cells with Qi and oxygen, but not to tire out the body which indicates that the cells are starved of energy and oxygen. They resume the exercises only after adequate rest.

Once they have been declared cancer-free, they can reduce to 3 hours daily. If after several months their health still improves, they can reduce further to 2 hours daily, and finally to 1 hour daily – everyday of their lives without fail. At anytime if their health deteriorates after the reduction, they have to revert to the earlier longer duration.

Those with other chronic diseases can also follow the same schedule. The starting duration depends on the seriousness of the disease. The actual exercises are slightly different for each disease.

Since not everyone is committed enough to follow the above program, we cannot promise cure for all. Besides, there are other variables which influence the outcome, including severity of disease, general state of health, diet and lifestyle, concurrent diseases, concurrent therapies and most importantly – the person’s attitude and determination to fight and recover from the illness.
For cancer patients, the variables also include type and stage of cancer; and treatment before starting Qigong – since previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy would have weakened the non-cancerous cells as well, whereas the body depends on these healthier cells to combat the cancer cells. It will take much more oxygenation and Qi to revive these cells to do their job well.

There are 5 possible outcomes a cancer patient can expect ( those with other chronic disease can expect something similar ). We can definitely promise the first result as the minimum, but most achieve better:

1) Improved quality of life ( less pain, more alert, better appetite, better sleep ) – even if cancer remains and there is no prolongation of life. If undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy, able to withstand better since side-effects are reduced significantly.

2) Progress of cancer slows down and there is less suffering, and prolongation of life – even if patient finally succumbs to the cancer.

3) Cancer stops growing, but remains. Pain and suffering may disappear totally and outward appearance may even be healthy. Life is definitely prolonged.

4) Reversal or remission of cancer to varying degrees, but disease still remains. Quality of life and life expectancy improve accordingly.

5) Totally cured of cancer. Quality of life and expectancy return to normal. However duration of complete remission subject to continued practice of Qigong.

Many of our members have defied their doctors’ pronouncements that they had no hope because their cancers were too advanced. Yet after practising Guolin Qigong, they have fully recovered and are now even healthier than when they did not have cancer.

We stress so much on cancer because generally there is still no cure for it, and the available medical treatments are unpleasant. Yet the cases are increasing causing much suffering to the population.

However, the healing effects of Qigong are not restricted to cancer only, but can be beneficial to all diseases. For some it may be the only effective therapy, for others it may complement other treatments. If it can even reverse advanced cancer, then it has the potential to reverse any disease.

If practising Qigong can reverse many diseases, it surely means that those who are already healthy will maintain their good health and will not develop any of these diseases. Indeed, it should be practised as a preventive measure rather than wait till there is sickness and suffering. Prevention is better than cure!


For invasive cancers, it is unusual to expect complete cure with conventional treatment alone. We believe that it is possible in every case with the addition of Qigong as adjuvant therapy, especially as part of a holistic approach which includes counselling, motivation, dietary and nutritional advice and Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to modern medical treatment.

We have seen this happening to many of our Masters and members – even those whom the doctors have given up hope and predicted their certain imminent deaths ( including one lady given only 3 days to live over 20 years ago and is now a very healthy Qigong Master in her 70’s). They have recovered fully with combined therapy and are living their lives in full again.

The same applies to all other diseases. We have members who have recovered from severe hypertension, migraine etc. and remain healthy WITHOUT drugs.

The body can heal itself provided that it gets all that it needs – good food, fresh air, clean water, sufficient physical exercise, and sufficient Qi ( through mind-body exercises like Qigong ).

The body should also be prevented from being poisoned by all the things it does not need – polluted air and water, unhealthy food, carcinogens , toxic chemicals and drugs in thousands of sources in the present environment, unprotected sun exposure, excessive mental and physical stress etc. Looking at the list, it is no wonder that we are getting sick and remaining sick so often even though our bodies are meant to remain healthy and heal ourselves should we get sick.

Much advances have been achieved in nutritional, exercise and medical sciences but the results are far from ideal. Although these advances in health and medical technology have allowed us to overcome many plagues and diseases, we are still far short of living to our full potential lifespan of 120 to 130 years. But it is well known that those who practise the Qi-enriching exercises like Yoga, TaiChi and Qigong are healthier and live longer than others. Perhaps the answer to a healthy long life lies in understanding Qi and Qigong.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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