In the aftermath of 9/11, the last 2 years have been very busy for Peace activists worldwide. Here in Malaysia, we saw the setting up of our largest Peace Movement ( Aman Malaysia / Malaysians for Peace). The World Peace Award / International Conference was also held. There were also many other seminars and conferences promoting peace and harmony. Malaysians are indeed a peace-loving lot, as testified by the presence of many peace organizations and the numerous peace-promoting activities.

These peace organizations include the Taiping Peace Initiative, The World Peace Foundation, and others. There are also local branches or representatives of international peace organizations.

Recently, several representatives from The World Peace Prayer Society and The Goi Peace Foundation visited Kuala Lumpur, and from them I learned about an interesting exercise that resembles the combination of Qigong and sound. They practice this exercise to achieve inner peace and harmony by invoking ( using the vocal sounds ) the divinity within and attuning themselves with the universe. It is called Divinity IN ( I shall refer to it as IN, pronounced “een” ). There are actually two sets of exercises, one called Divinity IN for Self, and the other, for Humanity.

We also use sound in certain Qigong exercises ( called too ying ) to enhance the healing effect. In Guolin Qigong, these vocal exercises are found to improve lung function and speed up recovery from respiratory diseases and cancers.

In Healing Tao, one of my favourite exercises is “the healing sounds”, where different sounds are made ( through changes in the breath ) in harmony with the different organs to improve their health.

My last article was about Reiki, an energy-healing art that originated in Japan. I mentioned about Kiko, which is Japanese Qigong. Another Japanese healing art is Mahikari, which is practiced by a spiritual group that takes healing as a major part of their devotion.

IN is yet another Japanese exercise that is promoted by The Byakko Shinko Kai, the organization set up by Masahisa Goi, the man behind the World Peace Prayer Movement that led to the establishment of the World Peace Prayer Society.

In the IN for Self, these words are vocalized during the exercise : “uu Ware Soku Kami Nari” ( I am a Divine Being ), a declaration and recognition of one’s divine essence. It is performed specifically for the purpose of attuning oneself to Truth, to bring oneself closer to the energy of love and harmony, to give expression to one’s inborn divinity.

The IN for Humanity which is performed on behalf of humanity. In the process, it is believed that the true nature of a human being, divine in nature, embodied by love, light, wisdom, harmony, joy, beauty, etc. will emerge anew. During the exercise, ” uu Jinrui Soku Kami Nari ” ( Humanity is Divine ) is vocalized.

The words are vocalized in synchrony with the movements, and concentration on the meaning, and on good values. The starting syllable “uu” is a neutral universal sound, similar to the Hindu “om” .

IN is actually a prayer/invocation through movements, sound and breath. It is similar in meaning to the Chinese yin and Sanskrit mudra.

Although IN is very much an enlightening or spiritual exercise, the involvement of concentration, movements and conscious/coordinated breathing ( through vocalization ) causes the healing energy ( ki or qi ) to flow. There are also similarities with Yoga, which has a spiritual philosophy surrounding the health-enhancing ( and spiritually uplifting ) exercises.

All movements of the IN exercise take place only in the upper body, with arms, hands and fingers making various shapes and patterns – Circle, Triangle, Cross and Square ( see diagram ).

All arm movements take place between 2 chakras: the third eye, located between the eyebrows, and the second chakra ( or dan tien ) located below the navel.

This exercise is unique in that it is for inner peace and world peace. The practitioners believe that it will not only help them physically and spiritually, but will also heal the world.

Masahisa Goi started the World Peace Prayer Movement in 1955 after witnessing the devastation caused by the Second World War. In Japan he established The Byakko Shinko Kai. This movement continued after his death in 1980, and the World Peace Prayer Society headquarters was established in New York in 1988. The Goi Peace Foundation is a sister organization established in 1999 in Tokyo in honour of Masahisa Goi.

The World Peace Prayer Society is an international organization which encourages people across the globe to pray for peace ( ” May Peace Prevail on Earth” ) in their own languages. It has also planted thousands of Peace Poles in most of the countries, including several in Malaysia. It organizes the World Peace Prayer Day and numerous other programmes, and is supported by the United Nations.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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