My students had so much fun learning the Amazing Qigong Walk at the last Intensive Qigong course. At one point, I almost choked with laughter because some of the students’ walks were so funny. As the “Sifu”, I was supposed to be serious, composed and cool, but even I could not help but laugh together with everyone. Fortunately, laughter is good for health. Everyone took it in good fun. Most importantly, it showed that learning Qigong can be fun….and it should be. I always tell my students to smile while doing Qigong, so the smiling and laughter must start during the learning.

Among the students were several cancer patients who reinforced their determination to win over their cancers after watching the documentary video about the terminal cancer patients who recovered fully after practising Qigong, even though their doctors had told them of their certain and imminent deaths. The video I showed was about the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, whose members practise Qigong daily ( especially the Amazing Qigong Walk of the Guolin Qigong style ), together with laughter sessions, travel excursions, and other group activities. So, apart from Qigong, group support, happiness and de-stressing activities are also beneficial.


I have received emails warning me of the dangers of Falun Gong. The group ( Falun Dafa ) practises Qigong ( their style is called Falun Gong ) infused with the spiritual teachings of its founder/spiritual leader/Master. I have mentioned it as one of the many Qigong styles being practised world-wide, without implying that I condone their philosophy, spiritual teachings or practice. However, seeing that our Government had recently issued a warning against the activities of the group, I trust that readers will take heed of the warning.

Qigong can be a strictly health-enhancing, energy-modulated exercise program. Although at the highest level of Qigong, self, mind and spiritual discipline are required, that level is not for all. And like all such disciplines, incorrect or deviant practices are bound to happen under unscrupulous teachers/masters who have other agendas. The path to enlightenment is full of trials, and so is the path to the highest level of Qigong mastery. But for most of us, let us just be concerned about becoming healthier, avoiding illnesses, and recovering from diseases which we may already have.


Having said all that, I think it is timely that I share my knowledge about Faith or Spiritual Healing. By this I mean healing through invoking the healing power of the Divine, and achieving the healing not through natural, physical means. The healing and healing methods can therefore be described as “miraculous”.

Spiritual Healing is very much an energy phenomenon. God is Energy , and Source of energy ( though He is not just energy ). So the Divine healing intervention is in the form of energy-change to the physical ( and spiritual ) body. To those who are familiar with the subject, even the spirit ( human and other forms ) is energy.

A study was actually done on dying men, whereby a small weight loss was detected just immediately after death, taking into account all other possible physical losses ( metabolism, fluid loss, etc ). How scientifically valid was the study is anybody’s guess.

Spiritual Healing can occur upon direct Divine intervention, or through spirit intermediaries ( hence ‘Spirit Healing’ ). Some Spiritual Healers claim that they are assisted by Prophets, Saints, departed surgeons, Angels, or even Jinns ( genies ). There are many books available detailing the interesting stories of these spiritual healers. The subject is very fascinating, and I have been investigating the phenomenon for the last 10 years or so. I have found that it is the ultimate energy-healing method. Furthermore, if you also know about quantum physics, then your understanding of Spiritual Healing ( especially psychic surgery ) is very much enhanced. The understanding is even deeper if you are also on the spiritual path.


The most famous Faith/Spiritual Healer was Jesus ( Prophet Isa, peace be upon him, to the Muslims ). Everyone knows how he cured the blind, the lame and the leper; and especially how he even raised the dead. These “miracles” are accepted as true by both the Christians and Muslims, and by many others.

Although Muslims are familiar with the miracle of Jesus raising the dead, most are not aware that many Sufi Saints were also granted the miracle. The most famous of these saints was Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilan, the sultan of all Sufi Saints, who lived in Baghdad about 1000 years ago. In Islam, miracles performed by Prophets are called mukjizat, while miracles performed by Saints are called karamah.

One of my Sufi murids ( pupils ) related to me how, as a child, he had witnessed first hand one such miracle being performed by a Sufi Saint in India many years ago. There was a funeral procession on the way to burn the dead body on the pyre ( the deceased was a Hindu ). This procession had passed in front of the Saint’s house. He requested the people to stop, and he proceeded to pray for God’s intervention. After a while, the dead man woke up! If resurrecting the dead is possible, then revitalizing the living, even though near-dead, is definitely more possible!


Perhaps the most prolific modern-day Faith/Spiritual Healer is Joao de Deus ( “John of God” ) of Brazil. He heals up to 3000 people per day, often by just touching them. There is a mountain of crutches left behind by his patients beside his healing sanctuary. He has been investigated by several medical groups from USA and other countries, and all confirmed that the healings were genuine. Although he has healed hundreds of thousands of people over the decades, he is relatively unknown to the world because his sanctuary is deep in the interior of Brazil. In spite of that, thousands do flock to him from as far as Australia.


The most famous modern-day healing Prophet is Edgar Cayce of USA. In his lifetime, he was most noted for his prophetic “readings”, and there were thousands of these. Many included healing sessions and prescriptions for healing. Until now, his Foundation is still studying and publishing these readings.


Although Christian Faith/Spiritual Healers have carried the healing tradition of Jesus over the last two millennia, Faith/Spiritual Healing had already been practiced earlier by ancient civilizations, earlier religions, and the natives or aboriginal peoples of all continents. Some of these involved Spirit Healing ( and spirit worship), and much of their practices continue to this day ( eg. Our own aboriginal tribes ).

The Christian Charismatic and Evangelist groups are continuing the spiritual healing tradition in their churches and their homes. I have witnessed many such healing sessions at close hand, and am familiar with several priests who conduct such healing sessions. These often involved invoking the Holy Spirit ( one of the Trinity of Christian godhood ) and “speaking-in-tongues” ( the Holy Spirit speaking through the healer ).

There are also regular visits by foreign Evangelists/Spiritual Healers to our country to conduct such Healing Ministries. Many have achieved miraculous cures through their good work. However, in the USA, there were several cases of fraudulent Healing Ministries that spoilt the good name of these genuine Christian healers.


Malaysia ( and our neighbour countries ) is famous for having a huge number of faith healers, spirit healers, tribal healers, traditional healers and what have you. The different races have their own healers that the people sought help at the slightest inconvenience. While you can seek their help to remove your ailments ( or other problems ), the unscrupulous ones also offer services to cause harm and disease upon others. It is big business here, and the more famous bomohs ( or sinsehs or Indian healers ) take over 200 appointments in a day. Then there are those who go to the Orang Asli bomoh; or if you go across the border up north, you can engage the services of the infamous “bomoh Siam”. While there are probably more conmen and conwomen among them, all preying on the gullible public, there are also the good, genuine, and sincere Faith/Spiritual Healers of all races helping to ease the pains and sufferings of those who seek their help. Otherwise, our hospitals would be overflowing with sick people.

Actually, these practices are rampant elsewhere too. Many are already familiar with the African Witch Doctors and the Caribbean Voodoo Priests who invoke the gods and spirits in their healing ( or harming ) work.

In the next article, I will share with you insights into the world of psychic surgery.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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