In the previous article I explained that psychic healing is very much an energy phenomenon, and that often the healing involves spirits assisting the healer. I also mentioned about John of God ( Joao de Deus, or his real name, Joao Teixeira da Faria).


The story of Joao de Deus of Abadiana, Brazil is truly amazing. One miracle he performed was reported thus:

“A man dies in hospital from cardiac arrest. After thirty minutes of clinical death, a phone call to Joao de Deus, 1200 km away in central Brazil, raises the man from death, completely healed; verified by his doctors”.
No wonder thousands make their way to his healing sanctuary ( called Casa de Dom Ignacio de Loyola, or The House of St. Ignatius of Loyola ) deep in central Brazil. He is indeed the greatest healing phenomenon of our time. One witness described:
“I saw with my own eyes as Joao, in front of hundreds of people, lifted a woman’s blouse, and with what appeared to be a plain kitchen knife, made a small incision in her breast and removed a piece of tissue. When he finished, Joao wiped the blood from the incision on his shirt. The tissue was then sent off to a lab in Brasilia and found to be a cancerous tumor”.
Others also witnessed people, totally paralysed, rise from their wheelchairs and the profoundly blind have their eyesight restored, after modern medicine has given up on them.
Joao does surgeries without the use of sterile surgical instruments, and not once has an infection or disease been transmitted from one person to another. He does these surgeries without anesthesia, and the patients feel no pain during the surgeries with almost no bleeding.
The Casa de Dom Ignacio is also famous for what is called “invisible surgeries”. In some of the healing rooms called “current rooms” they sit in chairs or lie down on cots, and place their hands over the area they need an invisible surgery, and many people report finding an incision there later.
Joao is not alone. There are many hundreds, possibly thousands, of psychic healers and surgeons all over the world.


The Philippines has hundreds of faith healers and psychic surgeons. I am fortunate to have witnessed, at close hand, several such healers doing psychic surgeries, including the famous Rev. Alex L. Orbito. Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with some who invariably bring out “blood-stained” cotton balls from the surgical area. However, there are some who actually operate just as how we doctors do surgeries ( as a gynecological surgeon, I have done many major surgeries and know what to look for ). The difference is of course they do not use anaesthesia, there is little or no blood, and they do not have to stitch to stop bleeding or close the wound. Some do use simple knives, or even surgical knives. Most of the surgery is done directly by their hands. Some of the tissues that were taken out have been proven to be actual diseased tissues. But there are also quacks who use animal tissues as part of their trickery. So we really have to be wary.


Brazil is home to another famous psychic surgeon. This is the amazing story of Dr. Fritz, a German surgeon from World War 1, who has incarnated in human form five times to demonstrate miraculous healing abilities in ordinary people, most recently a computer engineer named Rubens.
Sometime back, a documentary was shown over US TV showing how he did a bloodless surgery on a man to remove a bullet from close to the spine. One viewer reported :
“There was no anesthesia given, no apparent pain, only a pair of scissors for tools. The patient was fully alert, sitting upright in a packed waiting room through the whole operation. Amazingly, Rubens/Dr Fritz got the bullet and stitched up the man in about 1 minute total time. The patient got up, answered a few questions from the American film crew and left. There were several US doctors who had come with the TV crew to observe Dr. Fritz and they were stunned. What they saw was unexplainable. Dr. Fritz continued to see more than 1000 patients that day. Several needed and received these bloodless/painless speed surgeries”.


It is easy to be skeptical of Joao, Dr. Fritz and other genuine faith or psychic healers. It is also easy to be captivated by their psychic healing powers. But it is not easy to explain or understand this phenomenon. To see such an operation done in a plain room with a pair of scissors and no anesthesia, no pain, little or no blood and the patient appears cured, goes beyond reason. Yet, because the cures have been proven to be real, it is so important for us to come to terms with it.
Many skeptics, scientists and doctors have gone to Brazil in the hopes of debunking Joao and Dr. Fritz but most became completely convinced that they are genuine: over one million people have been treated by them, including cancer and other terminally ill patients. Yet, there are still those who remain skeptical. As those in the spiritual paths will testify – for the disbeliever, no amount of proof is adequate; but for the experiencer, no other proof is necessary.
Their work attests to the reality of the hidden realms of energy that constitute and interact with our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This life-energy can be creatively and constructively utilized to cause healing in unexpected, unexplained, miraculous fashion.
I am sharing their stories to impress upon readers the wide spectrum of healing – from simple physical therapies and medicines to miraculous Divine intervention. John of God, for example, always says that, “It is not me, but God who does the healing”.
At the minutest level – either in the perspective of molecular biology or spirituality, the understanding of these phenomena is convergent. They all involve energy. I have said earlier that if you understand both quantum physics and spirituality, then you can easily grasp psychic healing and psychic surgery. One author in fact calls it quantum surgery. Remember, where physics ends, metaphysics begins. And their meeting point is at the quantum level. What is “hidden”, is only hidden to the ignorant.


One very important thing to note is that a passion to heal and an overbearing compassion for others are prerequisites for anyone who hopes to become a psychic healer. The healer must first love his Creator, his patients, and his work.
Joao, for example, welcomes people of all faiths and expects no payment, though donations are certainly accepted to help support the center. He acknowledges the role of conventional medicine and encourages people to avail themselves of all possible appropriate health care options first.

Many across the world have been inspired by the stories of people who came to him and were healed, not only physically, but in their hearts, minds and spirits.
As one reviewer of Joao’s story succinctly puts it : “Joao de Deus puts our reality at risk, defying the certainties of medical science, forcing us to replace it with one of hope and joy. The story of Joao de Deus shakes the bedrock of common beliefs, kindling an ancient memory that rings only too true: that with love all things are possible”.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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