Among the many energy-healing methods I had mentioned in previous articles, some actually evolved from Qigong.
Tai Chi exercises are sets of health-enhancing exercises designed to give a wide range of health benefits. The exercises are easy to learn and enjoyable to practise. Studies in USA have shown that Tai Chi exercises are beneficial for the elderly in preventing and recovering from arthritis and other health problems. While the benefits from the physical movements are expected, these exercises also improve qi-flow which enhances the benefits. The exercises are equally beneficial for younger people, but they usually prefer more robust exercises like aerobics and disco-dancing!
In Qigong, we practise exercises that increase the qi, unblock the qi-channels and improve the flow, thus promoting health and healing. When one practises Qigong for health, the “internal” qi increases and flows through the meridian channels and nourish the cells and organs. This self-healing way to achieve good health or recover from chronic diseases should be taken up by everyone. I have often mentioned about the many patients who have recovered from various serious diseases, even terminal cancers.
However, there are Qigong healers who transmit qi and cause healing in the recipients who need not do any Qigong exercises themselves. Through this method, many “miraculous” healings have been achieved, and the Western medical science is slowly coming to grasp with this phenomenon. Many famous Qigong masters have now “invaded” USA and demonstrated their amazing healing abilities and having these investigated by the scientists.
Those who practise “hard” Qigong are able to concentrate and utilize this qi to strengthen their physical and mental resistance to incredible levels. This is applicable for supreme fitness and martial arts purposes. Through training, qi can also be discharged as “external” qi.
Many masters accumulate much “internal” qi through intense Qigong practice and are then able to discharge the qi to perform incredible physical feats, like creating fire from a distance, or to cause healing in patients. Unfortunately, this causes exhaustion as the qi is repeatedly charged and depleted.
Qigong healing of others involves transmission of “external” qi. But to heal others, it is not necessary to discharge one’s own qi. Another better method is to channel the universal qi to achieve the same effects. This channeling, when done by a Qigong master, is very efficient because the master’s own internal qi is already fully charged, qi-channels are unblocked, and the qi flowing well. This channeling method, done in many variations, is also the essence of Pranic Healing, Reiki, Mahikari, and many other energy-healing methods.
“Prana” is Sanskrit for “qi”, the vital life-force. Pranic Healing was developed in India by masters who learned Qigong from the Chinese masters. So it is actually “Qi Healing” just as Reiki is “Universal Qi”.
Just like Reiki, Pranic Healing concentrates on learning how to channel the prana to heal, without doing any typical Qigong exercises. Healing is not only for the body, but also for the mind and spirit. It is easy to learn and practise.
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui of the Philippines has brought Modern Pranic Healing to the rest of the world and has taught and helped thousands of people.
Pranic healers meditate and practice yogic breathing exercises as methods to increase prana/internal qi and healing ability. They scan or feel the energy body or aura of the patients, and then “cleanse” (removal of the diseased energy in the aura), “energize” (project healing prana energy to replenish and reinvigorate the diseased aura), and “stabilize” the restored aura. They also work on the energy channels or meridians, energy points ( acupoints ) and energy centres or chakras. Some use crystals to further empower their healing. As in other methods, healing can be for self or others, and includes distant healing. No touching is involved.
All the different energy healing methods cause healing first at the energy body level. Since all the metabolic and healing processes of the physical body is dependent on this vital force, the body’s ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced. Sometimes, just the removal of energy blockages and imbalances in the energy body sufficiently restores the body’s healing mechanisms, producing ‘miraculous’ recoveries when drugs or other treatments were not effective due to the lack of the vital life-force (qi or whatever you want to call it).
Many of those not exposed to these energy healing methods may doubt that qi actually exists. At all my talks and seminars, I make it a point to get the people to feel the qi, because feeling is believing. However, attempts have been made to detect qi by scientific methods so that the evidence is recordable and reproducible.
However, since qi itself is not fully understood, all the scientific instruments are probably detecting only part of qi. There are different instruments detecting various forms or frequencies of energy. Some of these energies are similar to qi and therefore the instruments are able to detect qi ( though only part of it ).
We are all familiar with the aura photographs available at many crystal shops and aura therapy centres. Unfortunately, most of these are not reliable as there is no consistency in the photographs. Although the aura is dynamic in that it fluctuates every second, most of these aura cameras are known to show drastic changes within minutes without any other factor brought in ( holding crystals or other things ) that might change the energy field. For example, one cannot be told to be very spiritual, and then become spiritual weak just 1 hour later! That was what happened to me when I had my aura photos taken at different places ( and nothing spiritually drastic had happened to me in that interval). There was only one that I found was consistent, but unfortunately the machine was brought in from overseas for a while only.
There are of course people who are gifted and able to see auras. Through pranic healing, we are also taught to at least “feel” the aura. But those with opened “third eyes” can see the full glory of the auras and the fluctuations.
I am presently investigating an aura video machine that is able to show changes in the aura “live” as it happens. So now those who don’t know how to use the “third” eye to see auras can see what others are seeing! This is invaluable in seeing the effectiveness of certain healing methods and healing exercises. The goodness of Qigong exercises and Pranic Healing have been confirmed by this machine.
We have also heard of Kirlian photography that detects the bio-electric energy of living things or inanimate objects. Again there are many gadgets available that claim to take Kirlian photographs, but many do not. However the good ones can also show the actual energy contents of water, plants and other things. Thus we have a way to confirm and compare the different so-called energy-water available on the market. We can also confirm the claims of healing energy-emitting gadgets. In future, I will describe some of these energy-healing gadgets that I have investigated.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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