Two months ago I drove up to Ipoh to check out a claim that an elderly gentleman had made a remarkable recovery from a massive brain-tumour surgery by drinking water that had been energized by a qi-emitting device.
There are many gadgets and many water treatment systems in the market that claim to impart healing energy or energize water to give it enhanced healing power. So when someone informs me about such a gadget or system, I insist on evidence, preferably as objective test results. If claims are made on improvement or recovery from disease, then I would insist on confirmation by medical records.
So when I was told about Uncle Khong, a 69 year old man, having made a spectacular recovery after brain surgery, I insisted on meeting him in person to confirm the claim. Indeed I was amazed.
After the major brain surgery, he was bedridden for over a month, being totally dependent on his devoted wife. Then he was given the qi-emitting device called a Vivifier Gold Disc ( about 10cm diameter and 1cm thick ) and told to drink water ( in a bottle or any container ) that has been put on the disc for at least 10 minutes. This he did, drinking over a liter a day, and he even carried the disc in his pocket whenever it was not being used to “vivify” water.
According to him ( and attested by his wife ), he made rapid recovery within days of drinking the “vivified” water such that when he went to the hospital for the follow-up, apparently the doctor was stunned that he was walking without any help, as he was expected to come in a wheelchair. When I met him, it was only three months after the surgery and he had already started a routine of climbing 5 kilometers up and down the nearby hill every morning!
I hope to accompany him at his next follow-up to get medical confirmation of his amazing story.
If he practices Qigong, I am sure his recovery would have been even faster. In fact, if he had practiced it much earlier, he would have probably not get the brain tumour.
Several months ago I was invited by one of the world’s experts on water quality, Dr Ian Lyons, to examine what he claimed to be a qi-emitting device ( the Vivifier ). Although I was skeptical, as many others had made such claims for their gadgets, I went with an open mind and listened to his presentation. He shared his experience of having helped improve the water quality of hotels, hospitals, farms and even entire towns around the world by using the qi-emitting Vivifier to “vivify” or put life-energy or qi back into the water which in turn becomes healthier and also cleanses whatever pipes it passes through. This “vivified” water also has all the known properties associated with healing water, ie. small-clustered and structured molecules, negative polarity, low surface tension, high miscibility and higher oxygen content, among others.
Such water can de-scale, prevent corrosion, and cleanse the water pipes in our water system. It also gets easily absorbed into our cells, delivers nutrients efficiently, and dissolves out toxins and toxic heavy metals from our bodies, to be excreted out in the urine.
In the absence of a qi-detecting machine ( since the nature of qi itself is not completely understood scientifically ), the only way to satisfy my skeptism was to “feel” the qi being emitted, as claimed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Vivifier actually magnified the qi emitting from my palms. Although people have attempted to detect qi using scientific gadgets like radiation counters, magnetic field-strength meters, and other meters, they are only measuring some components of qi, if at all. Even the sophisticated acupoint/meridian energy-measuring machines like the Prognos are not actually measuring the qi entirely.
The understanding of qi is in fact very scientific. Unfortunately, because the Western scientists themselves do not understand it, we are left with the impression that it is all old traditional teachings devoid of scientific basis.

The scientists and doctors among us who practice Qigong and understand qi know that it is a real form of energy and that it can affect the physical body.
What I am describing below will be familiar only to those who have strong qi, and especially if they understand the character of qi.
Qi is stored in the energy centres or Chakras ( meaning “spinning wheels” ). The stored qi is actually constantly in a state of motion, spinning in a vortex in all directions around the centre of the Chakra. This is very much similar to the realm of quantum physics.

From the Chakra, the qi flows along the energy meridians to feed the organs. The cells in the organs require qi for them to live and function. Cell death happens when the qi is depleted, even when there are nutrients and oxygen reaching it. Qi sustains life and enables the cell to utilize the nutrients and oxygen for its metabolism. However, we are not yet able to fully demonstrate this reality to the satisfaction of the scientific community, though much of its flow in the meridiens has been shown using electrical and electronic measuring devices.

By emitting their qi, some Qigong masters can cause others to have involuntary movements, with or without their knowledge or consent. Qigong masters have also performed many validated healings, including “miraculous” ones.

The health and healing benefits are numerous, and these have been enumerated in many previous articles, and are now becoming known in the West as more take up the exercise and also as more masters visit or migrate to the Western countries. It is hoped that more scientific studies will be done and Qigong will be accepted as a scientific modality and offered to patients as medical therapy, as it is already being done in many hospitals in China.

There are also many Western Qigong masters now. Recently, I came to know about an accomplished French Qigong master who teaches in Paris. Two years ago I met a Swedish Qigong Master who visited KL. In fact, several Malaysian Grandmasters have also trained many other masters all over the world in the last two decades.
When we drink or wash in fresh, clean water, we feel refreshed and energised. We are also familiar with the healing effects observed and documented regarding many natural healing springs found around the globe ( eg. Lourdes ). Most of these springs impart the health giving effects to the water via basalt rocks with high magnetite (natural magnetism) content. Many scientists therefore try to imitate the electromagnetic properties of these environs so that the healing effects can be duplicated. Some of the gadgets they invented include the Grandeur and MRET ( Molecular Resonance Effect Technology ), and now the Vivifier, water treatment methods or systems.
What amazed me most about the Vivifier is that it can turn salt water into harmless ( though still salty ) water that can support entire vegetable farms and flower gardens, and can even keep fresh-water fish alive! In Australia millions of sheep drink vivified salt water, and in Singapore, strawberries are able to grow in the lowlands using vivified water.
Using vivified water, vegetables become healthier and heavier by 30%. Chicken raised in a chicken farm running on vivified water is ready for the market 2 days earlier.
The Vivifier is not a filter, but only a disc that you put the water ( or any drink or food ) on, or cylindrical in shape ( wrapped around the water supply pipe of whatever size ) such that any water or liquid passing through it is instantly “vivified”. That is how it is possible to “vivify” the water supply of entire swimming pools, hospitals, hotels, factories, farms, or even towns. No magnet, battery or electrical power is necessary.
The Vivifier is made from basalt and other natural mineral particles, including diamonds, from the volcanic sub-strata of certain alpine regions and treated and arranged in a particular form that causes energy to be emitted in a spinning vortex, resulting in the desired field-effect. From my description of qi above, it is obvious that the Vivifier emits energy quite similar to it.
This energy in turn causes the changes in the water molecules and clusters to form, which are characteristic of energized, living water. In this process the molecular structure of the water transfers from the energy-depleting left-hand spin to the energising and vitalising right-hand spin.
When we drink this vivified water, the polarity of potentially harmful chemicals is changed, reducing the negative effects and allowing their elimination from the body. This is also how plants and fresh-water fish can thrive on salt water.
The qi emitted from the Vivifier can also neutralize “electrosmog” i.e. Electro Magnetic Radiation from high voltage power lines, electric appliances, computers, monitors, building materials, X-rays and other rays, etc.

These qi-emitting gadgets do not make Qigong practice redundant, but they complement the health-enhancing effects of qi acquired through Qigong and similar mind-body exercises.


About two months ago I wrote about Uncle Khong, the 69-year old man with a brain tumor who made a spectacular recovery after carrying the qi-emitting Vivifier disc in his pocket and drinking vivified water. Last week I accompanied him on his follow-up visit at the hospital to get a first-hand report from his doctor. I am happy to report that, in spite of still having residual brain tumor, Uncle Khong is in excellent health. According to the doctor, he had a huge pituitary tumor. A part was trimmed at the first operation, but the tumor was found to be too vascular to disturb when they operated on him a second time to try to remove the rest of the growth. He was given a course of radiotherapy to shrink the tumor. The surgery and radiation caused his hormones to go haywire such that he had to be given drugs to correct them. He also lost the sense of smell. He was wheel-chair bound, and remained so when he went home, and for sometime after. It was only after using the qi-emitting vivifier that he began recovering quickly, and surprised the doctor when he went for his follow-up check without needing a wheelchair. When I met him four months ago ( about three months after his surgery ) , he had started climbing the hill near his home daily. This time, he drove all the way from Ipoh to the hospital in Kuala Lumpur ( a 2-hour drive ) on his own!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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