In ancient times, humans depended a lot on herbs, concoctions made from animal parts and natural materials, and the healing power of the Divine or spirits to cure themselves from illnesses. The medicine men ( and women ) would often use the spirit energy to empower their remedies. There were also many spiritual healers who counted on their spiritual powers, derived from their faith in God, to heal the sick. When religion played the central role in societies in the past, these religious healers were much sought-after. Then scientific, secular medicine took over and the role of these healers diminished. However, modern medicine, with all the hype and all the expensive research, gadgets and cutting-edge therapies, cannot solve most of the health problems we face. So, people are forced to look for alternatives – to look to nature, natural therapies, nutritional therapies, various types of alternative/complementary therapies, energy healing, and to spirits and spiritual healing.

Many healers used their internal Life Force, or Qi, to enhance health and overcome diseases. They may have not understood the physics of it all, but they knew for sure the existence of this vital energy, and the immense role it plays in sustaining all forms of life. Some utilized the energizing and healing powers of crystals and natural materials.

On the other hand, modern medicine has also been busy researching and using various forms of energy in the latest medical equipments. We shall explore the interplay of all these energies.


The world now is actually again full of spirit and spiritual healers since there has been a resurgence somewhat, especially through the New Age Movement, on relying on the Divine ( or Universal Force ), angels, spirit-guides, and others to help in healing.

In previous articles, I had mentioned about spiritual healing and related stories about Joao de Deus, Dr Fritz and others. I have also witnessed several local spiritual healers and spirit/psychic surgeons at work. Some readers also shared with me about other such healers. Today I will share an interesting event that occurred, giving you some idea of the spirit world and their interaction with us.

One day a pleasant Malay lady, who looked very much like a Chinese, came to see me in my clinic. She told me that since she was small, she liked everything Chinese, and ended up marrying a Chinese man ( who looked like a Malay, so everyone thought he was a Malay who married a Chinese ). Her problem was that she had befriended a spirit who had given her the ability to heal, but the way she healed was by transferring the sickness to herself. So, whilst the “patient” got well almost immediately, she had to suffer for days or even weeks to recover from whatever sickness she had taken over. Things got bad because she was “taking over” other peoples’ illnesses even without her knowledge or consent, which was why she decided to seek my help.

I explained to her that when one “befriends” a spirit, then whatever extra powers that the spirit can give is limited to what it has. In her case, the spirit’s ability was limited to transferring the illness to her, so that her healthy body could then slowly overcome. I told her that if she wanted to be a healer, this was not the best way to be one, as she was already suffering from the consequences, and it was likely to get worse. She had to break the relationship, and if she still wanted to become a healer, she had to learn other safer and better methods.

When I finished telling her that, her faced changed, and in an angry alien voice, shouted “Tak boleh!” ( “cannot!” ), sending my clinic assistant, who was shocked and frightened, running out of the room. It was obvious then that I was dealing with the spirit itself. We had a heated argument and it was adamant about not leaving its friend. I finally commanded the spirit to leave. When the lady was herself again, I explained to her that the decision was entirely her’s, and I was willing to help. Unfortunately, she never came back.

Spirits, like human energy healers, utilize and manipulate energy to effect their healing. The transfer of disease involves transferring the diseased/negative energy field from one person to another. Often, the diseased energy field is transferred to animals or even plants. Genuine psychic surgery involves changing the energy structure of matter ( the cells and tissues ) such that surgery and repair are possible beyond normal scientific physical laws.

Although many spiritual healers do depend on spirits to heal, the best spiritual healers depend on direct Divine energy to cause the healing. While spirit healers make themselves channels for the spirits, the true spiritual healer makes himself a channel or direct instrument of God.

The entire Universe is created from energy. All the unseen spirits are only different energy forms. Often they “possess” human bodies and communicate with us using the “borrowed” faculties. Some have the ability to transmute into energy frequencies that we can see, and thus may take “physical” forms. Others transmute into energy frequencies that only some, who are “gifted” to see these frequencies, can discern. Just as many people are blind to certain colours in the visible electromagnetic energy range, most of us are blind to the spirit energy range! We cannot even see or hear much of what other creatures can.


Now that science has unraveled so much of creation, and understood much of what happens at the core of all matter – the quantum mechanics of subatomic, elementary and fundamental particles; of matter and anti-matter; of gluons, muons and quarks – we can soon hope for a convergence of science and metascience.

That the body works through energy is well accepted. Modern medical diagnostic machines detecting the body’s electrical activities have been around for decades, eg. ECG, EMG and EEG machines that detect electrical activities of the heart, muscle and brain respectively.

The use of energy is further utilized in the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods, including X-rays and computerized tomography ( CT scans ), ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ), positron-emission tomography ( PET ), thermography, et cetera. Radiotherapy, using various frequencies of radiation to combat the various types of cancers and other complicated problems, is familiar to all. Lasers and intense pulsed light ( IPL ) are focused light-frequencies that are used for treating diseases as well as for beauty enhancement. Various low-current and vibrational gadgets are used for health, rehabilitation, pain-relief and slimming.

From the above, the role of energy in health and healing is very important in the scientific context. The part played by the different forms of energy in causing changes in the molecular and cellular properties and behaviours, as detected or caused by the various diagnostic and therapeutic methods respectively, is indispensable in modern medical science. The future will see a much bigger role for energy medicine.

It is therefore surprising that modern medicine is very slow in accepting the existence and importance of Qi, or Life Force, in sustaining life and health. Energy medicine in the form of Qigong and other mind-body exercises and healing techniques have been practiced for ages.

The existence of many of the fundamental particles ( the most basic of the building blocks of matter ) of quantum physics were predicted and accepted based on the consistent effects they caused, long before scientific instruments were able to detect the particles themselves. Likewise, the physical and healing effects of Qi have been demonstrated countless number of times, since this art is already many thousand years old. The impact on the health of the human race can be tremendous, seeing that Qi and Qigong can help reverse cancer, which is universally becoming the main cause of suffering and death in developing, and developed nations.

Yet, the interest in investigating Qi is minimal, compared to the efforts and expense in researching other methods. Fortunately, now that Qigong has caught the attention of the West, and many Qigong associations have sprouted in USA, the interest created will definitely inspire some researchers to look into the science of Qi and Qigong, especially when the entire world is desperately looking for an effective weapon against cancer.


Recently I came across an article by Dr Judy Orloff, a psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA (USA) and author of the book “Positive Energy: Ten Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear Into Vibrance, Strength and Love”. What she wrote is perfectly in line with my understanding of life, health and energy. Here are some excerpts:

“I want to introduce you to Energy Psychiatry, a term I’ve coined to describe a new kind of psychotherapy I practise which addresses the subtle energetic underpinnings of health and behavior. It’s a subspecialty of Energy Medicine, which views our bodies and spirits as manifestations of subtle energies, what indigenous cross-cultural healing traditions revere as Life Force – a concept that’s missing in mainstream health care. This is a travesty: there’s no way to fully grasp who we humans are without it. Energy Psychiatry mixes traditional medicine with how the mysteries of our Life Force functions in everyday ways. It distills a broad body of knowledge about subtle energy, and specifically applies it to psychiatry, an increasingly prescription-dependent field that could use a little re-invention. All the healing arts can benefit from my approach too.
“I now believe that the most profound transformations can only take place on an energetic level. I’ve met a slew of people who’ve spent lots of time and money in intellectually-oriented therapies hoping that rational insights alone can bring the joy they seek. It’s true, the mind will set you on the path, and the depth of emotional healing can be phenomenal. However, as much as I encourage and work with both, my approach coordinates them with a conscious rebuilding of subtle energies – learning to wield the raw power of your Life Force itself”.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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