I have often mentioned about the “miraculous” healings done by Qigong masters, and also the “miraculous” recoveries achieved by many patients with terminal cancer and other “incurable” diseases after practising Qigong. The sixty participants at my last Qigong course were witnesses to a small “miracle” that happened at the end of the course when I was demonstrating Qigong healing to them.

The students were practising group healing by sending their qi to the selected “patients” among them, one after another. One of the “patients” was a 20-year old lady who was totally deaf ( and mute ) from birth ( her mother had rubella in early pregnancy). The group healing took several minutes, and then I was moved to do some healing on her too. Nothing spectacular happened then. But about 30 minutes later, her mother ( both her parents also attended the course ) shared with the class that her daughter told her ( in sign language ) that after the healing session, for the first time in her life, she heard something in her ears when people near her spoke! Remember that she had never heard any kind of sound in her life, so whatever she heard then must have been confusing. I just hope that she continues practising lots of Qigong on her own and that her hearing will continue to improve.


One of the difficulties in teaching Qigong is trying to convince people that Qi exists and is real, because it is something that they do not see or feel. So they remain skeptical even if I tell them that they all have Qi flowing in them, sustaining their life every second. And seeing the effect of Qi on others is never as convincing as feeling it yourself.

For many, just a few minutes of Qigong exercise will be enough to charge up their Qi so that they can start feeling it. However, for others, even hours of Qigong practice fail to give them the experience. So, I often try to help them feel it by sending my Qi to them. Invariably, however, one or more of them who are “sensitive” will “absorb” more Qi than others and will start going into involuntary movements. This happens because the body is overwhelmed by Qi that is not yet fully under the command of the person’s own mind. Often the movements can be frightening to the others who do not know what is actually happening, as the affected student behaves as if he or she is “possessed” by a spirit. This happened at all the courses I have conducted.

The affected students went into various forms of random motions, some slow and some quite rapid. At the last course one gentleman went into a “silat” like dance.

Qigong training is about harnessing Qi, controlling it, distributing it through the energy meridians, and storing it in the energy centres. Once it is mastered, Qi can be put to good use, including for healing oneself and others, and for self-defense.


Sometimes the circulating Qi can cause discomfort in the student. This is due to “blockages” in the meridians, which can be corrected through Qigong, acupuncture, crystals and even some herbs.

The importance of storing Qi was amply demonstrated during the last course. While we were doing the group healing, one of the students, a young lady, went into what appeared like a “trance”. She started “massaging” my back while I was doing the healing on a “patient”. However, she continued the movements even after everyone else stopped the healing session. She was sitting with her eyes closed and was not responding to us. Then I intervened by putting her down to a lying position. Her arms and legs were now stretched and stiff, and she was taking slow, shallow breaths. Imagine the apprehension in the other students!

I told the other students to leave her alone to allow the Qi to dissipate. It took almost 30 minutes for her to recover, and then she shared her experience with us.

Unbeknown to me, she had already learned Qigong from another master, but left the class after a few lessons because she could not feel anything. She was also not taught how to store Qi. However, this time after just a few exercises, she felt the Qi strongly circulating in her. When we were doing the group healing, the Qi in her was so strong that she felt discomfort in her chest. Unfortunately, she only told her sister ( who was sitting beside her ) but did not seek my help ( another student did complain of similar discomfort and I taught her to store the Qi and she was alright ). Soon after, she lost control of her body movements, but was fully aware of what was happening, and could hear everything we said though she could not respond.

This is an important lesson for all Qigong students. Qi is real and its effect can be discomforting if you harness it without properly channeling and storing it. I usually teach beginners how to store the Qi only at the end of the day’s exercises. However, students who have already learned Qigong can absorb Qi very fast and must store it at regular intervals until their meridians are fully unblocked and they are in full command of the Qi, so that it is unlikely to be circulating in excess amounts in any part of the body. This episode also showed that the Qi circulating during the group healing was intense; and that the healers themselves also absorb the strong healing Qi although it was primarily directed at the “patients”.


Although I have described situations where learning Qigong can cause anxiety to the beginners ( and to observers ), learning Qigong is safe when done under the guidance of an experienced master who understands the dynamics of Qi. Simple Qigong exercises can be learnt and practised safely without any worry of such uncontrolled movements happening. The situations described can only happen when Qi is being received from a master, or from a group of practitioners ( even from beginners during their first Qigong lesson, as in the above case ).


About two months ago I wrote about Uncle Khong, the 69-year old man with a brain tumor who made a spectacular recovery after carrying the qi-emitting Vivifier disc in his pocket and drinking vivified water. Two weeks ago I accompanied him on his follow-up visit at the hospital to get a first-hand report from his doctor. I am happy to report that, in spite of still having residual brain tumor, Uncle Khong is in excellent health. According to the doctor, he had a huge pituitary tumor. A part was trimmed at the first operation, but the tumor was found to be too vascular to intervene when they operated on him a second time to try to remove the rest of the growth. He was given a course of radiotherapy to shrink the tumor. The surgery and radiation caused his hormones to go haywire such that he had to be given drugs to correct them. He also lost the sense of smell. He was wheel-chair bound, and remained so when he went home, and for sometime after. It was only after using the qi-emitting Vivifier that he began recovering quickly, and surprised the doctor when he went for his follow-up check without needing a wheelchair. When I met him four months ago ( about three months after his surgery ), he had started climbing the hill near his home daily. This time, he drove all the way from Ipoh to the hospital in Kuala Lumpur ( a two-hour drive ) on his own!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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