My first exposure to energy healing was about 25 years ago when I was a houseman at GHKL. I had a colleague who was suffering from leukemia, and medical treatment was not helping him. I brought him to see a family friend ( fondly called Cikgu Mat ) who had trained in an Indonesian healing art called PS or Prana Sakti ( loosely translated as “Magical Energy” ). Cikgu Mat temporarily “transferred” the ailment to himself and was immediately so weakened that he had to lie down on the floor and could not get up. Later, in confidence, he told me that my friend’s ailment was terminal. Soon after, my colleague was flown over to England for a bone-marrow transplant. However, he succumbed soon after arriving. I still cherish the postcard he sent during his last days.

PS is a spiritual healing art. I had on many occasions witnessed their training sessions which were usually held at night on the field. Under the Master’s guidance, they would start the session with some recitations and soon all the students were infused with energy and would be walking about in an uncontrollable manner, although they were fully conscious. The seniors would then use their energy to guide the novices until they slowly learn to control their own energies. Unfortunately, at that time I was not interested to enroll, though I was absolutely fascinated by what I saw.

On several of the photographs which they took while training, the energy could be clearly seen as brilliant white light radiating from the instructor’s fingers towards the student’s head. This is perhaps the most convincing evidence ever of the transfer of life force or qi that we can ever expect to see.

The students’ progress is very much dependent on their spiritual practices as those who sinned by drinking alcohol, cheating, stealing or hurting others would inexplicably reveal their transgressions during these uncontrollable movements. For example, those who drank would vomit until they repented and promised not to drink anymore. Those who did not pray or were not sincere never progressed. But once they mastered the art, their powers and abilities were awesome.

The Grandmaster was a former Indonesian paratrooper who was called to put his powers to good use when once his parachute refused to open up. Amazingly, he landed safely and walked away just as if he had used a parachute!

However, these powers were meant only to do good, and not for showing off. Once a PS-exponent was attacked by some thugs and they just could not hurt him even though they outnumbered him. So he proudly challenged them to use a weapon. However, his ego cost him a prominent scar on his forehead, as one of the assailants promptly threw a broken bottle at him that caused a deep cut. Ordinarily, even that would not have hurt him a bit. That scar was a permanent reminder that his invincibility was conditional on his humility.
Their abilities went beyond physical feats. Once I had a patient who was suffering from an unknown neurological disease. Although we empirically diagnosed the condition as multiple sclerosis, the disease pattern was not typical, and his heart was weak. We were baffled as he did not respond to any treatment. So I decided to seek Cikgu Mat’s help. All I had told him was the patient’s name. After focusing his mind on the patient, he told me that we doctors were on the wrong track. He said that the disease had started from the heart and caused brain damage starting from the left brain, then to the right brain, then to the cerebellum. That was exactly how the patient’s neurological symptoms appeared. He then asked me to think of the drugs used to stimulate the heart. So I thought of them one after another in my mind, and he told me that the remedy was adrenaline. He even told me that the correct treatment would be to inject only after diluting it at least 10,000 times, which was the right thing to do if you ever inject adrenaline! Imagine all this information from someone who did not have any training whatsoever in any of the health sciences.

As expected, my superiors did not believe what I told them. They tried using other drugs without success, and the patient died soon after.

Cikgu Mat had also used the healing energy to successfully treat many complicated cases that came personally to him for treatment, even making a defective heart septum grow and sparing the patient a major operation.

He could also use his fingers to select which medication would be the best to treat an ailment if the possible medications are laid out in front of him. He would move his fingers over them and the energy would “buzz” over the right one. According to him, he could also do that to select the correct answer in a multiple-choice question, but he could not use it to cheat at exams or for personal gain.


I have related many interesting and even unusual stories in this column, but nothing beats this one:

Over five years ago, during the Hari Raya holidays, my sister invited me to visit a strange woman whom everyone called “Bonda” (mother) who lived just outside Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Bonda was a big, broad-shouldered, fair woman with short hair and a coarse voice. She was gregarious and was obviously the centre of attraction, as there were many visitors from several states all crowding around her. Many were aspiring bomohs with their swords, kris and other paraphernalia. Some had the typical long hair, dark spectacles and huge rosary beads. They had apparently come to get some healing or magical powers from her.

Bonda looked like she was in her fifties, but I was shocked when she claimed to be over a hundred years old. Incredibly, this was confirmed by her adopted 80-year old daughter ( who looked her age ) who was also there. All of us kept getting confused as to who was the mother, and who was the daughter, when we talk to them. This adopted daughter in turn had a 45-year old son who just recently got married to his adoptive grandmother (and that’s Bonda)!!

Bonda claimed that she was a member of the Kelantan palace staff at the time that she adopted her daughter, who was a baby then. Among the strange stories she told us was that she used to live among the tigers in the jungle; and that she once lost a leg but she grew it back!!! She even showed us where the new leg grew from the old stump. There were other mind-boggling things she told that I dare not repeat here in case readers think that I am going bonkus.

My sister didn’t believe any of this, but I decided to ask my Sufi Master about Bonda. After doing a short prayer, my Shaykh told me that what Bonda had said was true. He told me that if I wanted to know more about her, I must study the life of The Queen of Sheba ( who became the consort of King Solomon, according to Jewish, Christian and Islamic teachings ). Within one week I chanced upon a small booklet about Queen Sheba at a pasar-malam stall and what I read was really intriguing.

Queen Sheba’s father was a powerful human king who married the most beautiful female jinn because no woman in his kingdom was beautiful enough for him. So, like Queen Sheba, Bonda was half-human and half-jinn. That explains her living over a hundred years but looking only 50; and her ability to grow her lost leg. She did have special powers but these had waned when I met her as she was already getting old for her species!

One year after our encounter, Bonda and her husband ( who was also her adoptive grandson ) visited my home in KL. She offered her magical sword to me in exchange for something she wanted from me, but I declined. Several months later she died. Readers, it is up to you – believe it or not!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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