In two of my previous articles, I described my experience in the Cosmic Pyramid and other interesting sites within Lucky Valley ( LV ) retreat near Muadzam Shah. There were so many enquiries and requests from readers for me to repeat the holistic program, and I am glad that I am able to lead another group there on Jan 14th -16th, 2005.

Although there can be many activities there, the experience in the Cosmic Pyramid is always unpredictable, and cherished by those who have been there. I am not aware of any other large pyramid in Malaysia, though there are many big pagodas, towers, minarets and skyscrapers that we can be proud of.

When I was studying in Brisbane, Australia in the mid-70’s, I met a guy who was so much into pyramids that he modified his house attic into a pyramid and he also slept in a pyramid-shaped tent under his pyramid-shaped roof. Everything in his house had something to do with the pyramid. Even the food and drinks were kept fresh under pyramid-shaped covers.

Our fascination with the pyramids originated many thousand years ago. We now have evidence that pyramids of all designs and sizes were built by various civilizations in all continents. Apart from being tombs for kings and Pharoahs, they also served other religious/spiritual functions, and also as monuments to the greatness of their architects, designers, builders, and of course, owners.

Perhaps the most famous are the pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. The Pharoahs of ancient Egypt were obsessed with immortality, and did everything possible to preserve their bodies after their death. Apart from embalming, which was so effective that these bodies were remarkably preserved when discovered by archeologists, they were entombed in the pyramids to reduce decay. However, archeologists and tomb-raiders sabotaged their eternal plans, and their corpses and accompanying treasures and paraphernalia have become showpieces of museums worldwide, and the subject of movies and even cartoon and comic strips. “King Tut” was one of my favourite comic characters ( second only to “Hagar The Horrible”).

While the pyramids of Egypt link us to the rich history of its civilization, including that of the Biblical Moses who is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims, the Mayan pyramids of South America tell us of an equally interesting civilization that was more recently discovered. These pyramids served more as places of rituals and sacrifice rather than burial tombs. The designs are also more elaborate, though in size they are usually smaller than those in Giza.

What fascinates us all is the intricate design and construction of these marvels that prompted some authors like Erik von Daniken ( of “Chariots of the Gods” fame ) to suggest that they must have been built by intelligent visitors from outer space, as human knowledge and tools at the time were too primitive to enable them to build these colossal wonders.

Closer to home, there are modern day pyramids that have been built for healing purposes in the Philippines, India, and also in Sri Lanka. The Pyramid Of Asia in the Philippines was built by a famous psychic surgeon as part of his healing mission, and has since become an important landmark for pyramid and healing enthusiasts.

The one in Sri Lanka was built by the founder of the Open University of Complementary Medicine, as proof of the wide range of healing modalities acknowledged and taught by the university.

My Kundalini Master has his own pyramid amidst the majestic Thirumurti Hills at Coimbatore, South India. The place is so green and peaceful, and the view so enchanting. The pyramid is small but sits like the tip of an iceberg over an underground structure that serves as a secret meditation retreat that only he has access to. Every year, for the last 11 years, he goes inside for a 21-day solitary seclusion without food, drink or sleep. This may sound incredible, but that is the truth. While he goes through his extreme spiritual exercise in the underground enclosure, his followers would also undertake less-severe meditational and spiritual training above. After each seclusion, he emerges more empowered, and has since performed many miraculous healings. For pictures and more information, please refer

Pyramids definitely have a tremendous impact on our energies. The healing energy within a properly constructed pyramid can be easily felt by those who can feel energy, or by using dowsing or energy-rods, and other gadgets. Healing pyramids are built hollow so that the energy circulating inside is contained. Even at the Cosmic Pyramid in LV, one can easily confirm the presence of energy by looking at the vibrations of the water surface ( in a glass or bottle ) put at the centre of the pyramid platform.

Pyramidal structures are known to influence objects within it in many ways. Foodstuff remain good longer ( and is said to taste better ), and those who sleep and live within pyramidal structures claim to be healthier, and happier. There are hardly any scientific studies to confirm these claims, but the wise Egyptians and Mayans may know a lot about pyramids that science has yet to unveil.

Talking about the Mayans, I recall an interesting holistic retreat that I participated many years ago. We went to Frasers Hills, and at the farewell gathering, my friend Antares ( aka Kitt Lee – cartoonist, conservationist, and Ancient & New Age guru ) played a beautiful Mayan Earth Song on his flute. I prayed for permission to accompany him with the Mayan Earth Dance, and lo and behold, everyone was brought back thousands of years with the Mayan music and dance that we together performed.

This is the amazing power of Qi. You have seen how it can make people invincible and do movie-stunts stuff, but you may not know that it can also give you the ability to do gentle, graceful and meaningful movements as in traditional and classical dances.

I have many times “performed” for my close friends and students hard, Kung Fu style fast movements, and soft, graceful dances like the Mayan Earth Dance, Indian Classical dances, and the Whirling Sufi Dance. And there are many more amazing things I have yet to share…..


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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