I attended the “Peace in Palestine” conference at Putrajaya recently, and took the opportunity to visit an old friend who lives there. He is a retired civil servant who has been dabbling in various energy healing methods for over 20 years. This time he showed me his radionics instrument and treated another friend who was suffering from esophageal ulcers, using radionics “broadcasting”.


Radionics is a diagnostic and healing method using electronics to modify or modulate the radiation ( energy, vibration ) of the human body. It is based on the premise that in the diseased state, there is imbalance in the “subtle energies” of the body. Subtle energies refer to energy forms that are yet not detectable by existing scientific instruments, possibly because the electrical interference or “noise” of the instruments themselves are enough to mask the presence of these energy forms. These energies include life-force or Qi, and the bioenergetic field it creates.

Like homoeopathy, radionics was also founded by a medical doctor, Dr Albert Abrams (1863 – 1924), and further developed by his student Ruth Drown. By a series of experiments involving the eliciting of a stomach reflex and the measurement of electrical resistance measured on an electronic instrument, Dr Abrams was able to determine that every symptom and disease ( including infections ) has its unique resistance reading ( now called “rates” ). To him, disease is an electrical phenomenon at the cellular level, an imbalance of electrons.

Ruth Drown re-defined radionics therapy as harmonizing the life-force, and the radionics instrument as a life-force modulator.

Although initially the patient had to be wired to the instrument ( and another healthy “control” subject also wired to the instrument ), it was discovered that a specimen from the patient ( usually hair or blood ) would be sufficient. If no specimen is available, even a photograph will do, but the accuracy will not be good. The control subject is now substituted by a “stick pad”.


The radionics instrument is essentially a variable-resistance electronic box ( potentiometer ), a specimen receptor, and a “stick pad” that enables the trained practitioner to confirm the “rate” readings. The components for analysis/diagnosis, potentisation ( of medication ) and broadcasting ( of harmonizing energy ) may be combined, or be on separate instruments.

With advances in electronics and computerization, the modern machines are more elaborate with more features and sophistication.


For diagnosis, the patient’s hair is used on the instrument, and the “rate” is determined. This is checked against the list of known symptoms/diseases. It is possible to diagnose multiple health problems.

Once the rate is confirmed, therapy is possible through the correctly-rated broadcasting, medication ( nutritional, complementary or conventional medicines ), colours, precious tones, crystals, etc.


Broadcasting means sending out the correct harmonizing or balancing energy for the particular ailment to the patient. This can be done remotely, over any distance. The duration and frequency of the broadcasting/balancing required depends on the duration and severity of the disease, and the progress as reviewed by the practitioner.

My radionics-practitioner friend has tried broadcasting therapy on a whole range of diseases including cancers, and claims to have good results, but I have yet to verify these claims.

Our friend with the esophageal ulcers had his harmonizing energy broadcasted to him while he was asleep, and was warned that there will be some bowel reactions. Sure enough, for the following three days, he had to empty his bowels 4-6 times daily, although the stools were normal. I hope there is actual improvement in the ulcers when he does the repeat endoscopy.


A potential nutritional or medicinal remedy will be first checked with the radionics instrument for its suitability and potency in treating the ailment. Since any medicine can be used, natural or homoeopathic remedies are preferred, since they have no side effects. Radionics practitioners often use homoeopathic or flower-based remedies ( eg. flower essences, phytobiophysics, Bach Flower Remedies, etc).


Since radionics utilize energy vibrations, the healing/harmonizing energy can also be transferred “carriers” to be ingested as medicines ( or injected, or applied to the skin ) much like how conventional homoeopathic medicines are made ( ie. the vibrational character of the chosen remedy is transferred, after repeated dilutions in water or alcohol to undetectable levels, into carrier substances like sugar globules, alcohol, etc. ).

Radionics thus gave rise to electronic homoeopathic medicines, which are made using the radionics “potentiser” instrument. The whole range of homoeopathic remedies, of any chosen potency, can be made instantly, anytime. The instrument can make the medicine using preset “homoeopathic rates”, or simply transfer the rates directly from other medicines.

Electronic homoeopathy was further perfected by Dr Bruce Copen, whose company now produces most of the instruments used by practitioners. Another friend of mine has been marketing electronic homoeopathic medicines successfully in Malaysia for over 20 years.


Radieasthesia is the study of subtle rays/energy. While physical instruments cannot detect this energy, the human senses and intuition can. Those of you who can feel Qi or have witnessed how Qi have caused involuntary movements will know what I mean. Those who can see auras or sense other people’s feelings need no explaining.

Detection of subtle energy by the human can in turn be transmitted to physical objects, so that the presence of the energy can be made obvious, and discernible to others. Pendulums, rods, tuning forks, crystals, even tree branches have been used for this purpose. We are all familiar with the use of divining rods, especially for dowsing, and in good hands, this has been proven to be accurate. It can also be used for many other purposes. According to the German scholar Goethe, man is the finest measuring instrument!


Kinesiology is the study of the mechanics and anatomy of our movements. In kineasthesia, as applied in healing therapies, the detection of the subtle energy is apparent directly on the subject ( patient ) in that his muscular strength and movements are modified when tested by the practitioner. These changes are used by the practitioner to diagnose as well as select effective remedies. In this case, the patient’s own muscles act like the divining rod or radionics instrument.


Although radionics was founded nearly 100 years ago when physics was still in its infancy, the concepts behind the energy theories of radionics are remarkably advanced.

That a specimen from the patient can replace him or her is in line with the “morphogenetic field” theory of Rupert Sheldrake. This theory states that every cell carries with it the energy field of its complete, mature physical form. Thus a caterpillar has an energy field of a butterfly. So our hair or any other part will have the energy field of the whole body.

Modern physicists and metaphysicists like Stephen Hawking, Burkhard Heim, David Bohm, Deepak Chopra, Shakti Gawain, and others speak about space/time, hyperspace, quantum fields, other dimensions, parallel universes, synchronicity and various complex concepts that emerged only in the last few decades.

Yet radionics refers to the detection of such energies/dimensions beyond what physics knew then. The top radionics instruments now claim to detect energies on 12 different levels or dimensions (physical, mental, astral, etc.). Because these energies cannot yet be scientifically validated, radionics is officially still an “experimental” science.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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