The poser : “If an electron can be at two places at one time, why can’t we?” was on the cover of a recent issue of Discovery magazine. This is an exciting proposition, and it reminds me of a story my Pakcik ( an affectionate local term for elders ) told me about his experience in his younger days.

It happened when he was in Mecca for the Muslim pilgrimage, over three decades ago. He was there with his late father, but had left his wife and children back home in Kuala Lumpur. One day he met an elderly Shaykh, who invited him home and gave him daily lessons on religion, and on healing. When he met the Shaykh, he was alone, and was always the only one with the Shaykh at the latter’s home during the lessons. So, one day, he decided to bring his father to introduce to the Shaykh. To his amazement, he could not even find the house that he had been going to everyday. The house had actually disappeared! On the next day, he had no difficulty at all finding the house when he went alone for his lessons.

On one occasion, when he was missing his wife so much, the Shaykh asked him whether he would like to be home with them for a while. He jumped at the offer. He was asked to close his eyes and hold the Shaykh’s hands while the latter recited certain verses in supplication. Then when he was asked to open his eyes, he found himself standing in the middle of the main hall of his house in Taman Ibu Kota, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur! His wife was busy making cookies and their young children were playing around her. But he could not speak to them, and they could not see him or sense his presence. He was allowed to stay for as long as he desired, and when he was satisfied, he found himself in front of the Shaykh again. Many years later, back in Malaysia, he came across a book about Malay Muslim saints and discovered from the descriptions and drawings that his teacher was Shaykh Daud al-Fatani ( from Pattani, which is now a province in Thailand ), who had died over a hundred years ago!!

My Sufi Shaykh also told me a similar story, except that this time he was physically transposed and everyone could see him. This happened over two decades ago when his own Shaykh was alive and they were in a city in Pakistan. One day he asked the elder Shaykh whether it was possible to travel to another place in an instant, as he had heard and read so much about it. The elder Shaykh replied in the affirmative, and asked him if he would like to experience it. He of course accepted the offer. He was asked to walk straight through the wall of the room they were in. When he tried, he hurt his face when he banged it against the wall.

Next the elder Shaykh held his hand and asked him to close his eyes and they smoothly walked through the wall together. When he opened his eyes, he was doing the tawaf ( circumbulating ) around the Kaabah in Mecca. He was physically there, jostling among the thousands of people doing the tawaf. Several weeks later, back in Pakistan, a neighbour who said that he was behind my Shaykh during the tawaf, returned his ( my Shaykh’s ) pen which he had dropped but could not retrieve while doing the ritual circumbulation. Not only was my Shaykh physically transposed to Mecca, there was external proof because the neighbour brought back his pen via the usual physical way.

So the answer to the Discovery question is known to spiritual masters and metaphysicists since a long, long time ago.


Metaphysics is the science and philosophy relating to the transcendent, or reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. It investigates and tries to explain the supernatural, the abstract, and the abstruse, just as conventional science ( and physics is one branch of it ) investigates and tries to explain nature and natural phenomena. However, metaphysics is more spiritual and philosophical than it is scientific.

Quantum physicists ( scientists who study the nature and behaviour of atoms and their components, and the forces that govern them ) have long known that the behaviour of certain fundamental particles ( the smallest components of all physical matter ) actually have a dual existence. They can exist either as energy waves, or as particulate matter, and that the expectation ( mind ) of the observer influences the behaviour of these energy/particle entities.

For the people described above to be transposed, there must have been some change in the energy/matter behaviour of their physical bodies. Depending on the energy form that the transposition involves, the transposed form may or may not be in the form that is detectable by our physical senses ( or even scientific instruments ). The realm of spirits, energy, and transposition of matter are exciting subjects that can only be fathomed if we accept that there is existence beyond what science knows.

In other words, where physics ends, metaphysics begins.


Electrons are the fundamental particles which surround the nucleus of the atom. They travel so fast that their position at any one time cannot be determined. The paths they traverse are decribed as electron clouds, and the electron particles themselves seem to be at many places at one time. The energy of the atom determines the level or distance that the electrons orbit from the central nucleus. But unlike the orbits of moons and planets, their orbital planes always change, and it is easier to visualize their orbital shells, rather than orbital planes.

Energy and electrons basically determine the behaviour of atoms, and are involved intimately in how our cells survive and function. Health and disease ultimately can be traced to the cellular and bio-chemical levels, and a good understanding at these levels will help us tremendously in our quest to resist and recover from diseases.

We now know that electrons play very important roles in the workings of free-radicals and anti-oxidants, both of which are crucial in our understanding of health, aging, chronic diseases and cancers. Electron flow is essential in the production of electricity, and in all things electronic. Low-current electricity is the basis for many healing gadgets, some of which I have discussed in previous articles. Electronic medicine is an area that is fast gaining popularity.

There is in fact a large electronic therapy centre near where I stay. Electronic energy is supposedly transferred to water, which is then consumed by patients for healing. I hope to investigate this subject and share with readers in a future article.


In trying to understand Qi and its healing effects, scientific tests have been done and a lot have been understood. But the complete understanding of Qi has been elusive, because Qi appears to be scientific as well as unscientific. It behaves like some of the electromagnetic energy forms ( eg. infrared and infrasound ); also like the forces that hold sub-nuclear fundamental particles together ( eg. gluon ); defies physical laws ( by being intelligent ) and seems to have memory and emotions. Trying to understand Qi requires a quantum leap from conventional science. Qi is not only energy, but a lot more. Just like the saying about the Tao is that if you know it, it is not the Tao. So it is at the moment with Qi. If you can fully describe it, it is not Qi!

And just as the physicists discovered that the energy/particle nature of the smallest units of matter is determined by the observer, the nature of Qi is also determined by the master. The Qigong master who understands most the variabilities and capabilities of Qi will most likely be able to utilize more of the potential of Qi in healing, and in many other areas.

Likewise, practitioners of other healing arts, which involve energy or esoteric elements, would be more effective if they understand metaphysics. Aromatherapy, aura healing, crystal healing, flower remedies ( eg. Bach’s ), homoeopathy, phytobiophysics, vibrational therapy, and the whole gamut of complementary therapies can all benefit from the better understanding of metaphysics.


When automatic Qigong is demonstrated, my students often asked if I had summoned spirits to do the movements that ensue. To the uninitiated, it could easily seem so, as when Qi is summoned for fighting, it becomes a force of power, bravery, fearlessness and determination. And I am able to fight in any martial art form even though I have never practised that art form before. When Qi is summoned for healing, it becomes a force of compassion, empathy, gentleness and softness.

It can also be harnessed as a force of Peace and Wisdom. The Jedi Masters of the Star Wars hexalogy are the best examples of masters who use the Force for self-defence, peace and wisdom. May the Force, Peace and Wisdom be with you too.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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