About a year ago I wrote about Kundalini Yoga ( Art of Qi, 29/8/2004 ), and about the encounter with my Kundalini Grandmaster. Recently, precisely 7 years after our first meeting, Guruji was in Malaysia and told me that the time has come for me to assist him in spreading Peace and Wisdom to the world.

Guruji founded the Universal Peace Foundation ( based in Tamil Nadu, India ) to spread spiritual wisdom through raising the consciousness of the people, so that they may understand more of the wise ways to lead our lives – in peace and in happiness. The greeting among his disciples is “Santhosam” or “glad”. We are to live our lives with gladness in our hearts, which should be reflected in our faces, and which should be spread to everyone we meet. Those who wish for universal peace must first have peace within themselves.


Kundalini Sakthi is the primordial power of our consciousness. It resides at the base of the spine, at the lowermost part of the body called Mooladhara. Anatomically, this is at the perineum, just in front of the anus. It is described as lying dormant like a coiled serpent. When awakened, it rises up the spine to the Crown Chakra, Ajna Chakra and finally to the centre of the brain ( see below ). It has immense potential, raises the level of consciousness, and together with the right teachings and guidance, will empower the practitioner with understanding and wisdom. Peace, happiness and enlightenment are the goals. Kundalini Yoga is the proven method of awakening the Kundalini Sakthi.


An inherent part of the spiritual training is the Kundalini initiation. After initiation, the disciple or follower then practices meditation regularly, and learns wise teachings from the Guru, or from senior disciples who have become “Wisdom Teachers”. The discipline of Kundalini Yoga enhances the spiritual maturity of the disciple. Followers are also taught a set of Yoga and breathing exercises called “Maha Sri Yogam” to enhance their physical and mental health.

To prepare for initiation, the disciple must be physically clean, and mentally free of negative thoughts. At initiation, the disciple sits comfortably on the floor or on a cushion, either in a lotus or semi-lotus position ( men with left leg over right leg, and women vice-versa ). If necessary, he can even sit on a chair. He keeps his eyes open, focusing at the tip of his nose, or downwards at the floor. He relaxes, keeping the tip of his tongue at the upper palate, and the spine straight. The hands rest on the lap with the fingers interlaced. He does shallow abdominal breathing, and focuses his mind on the Third Eye.

The Guru starts the initiation by touching the base of the spine, near where the Kundalini energy resides. He then brings this energy up the spinal chord to the back of the head ( just below the occiput, called Eye of the Nape ), then up to the Crest Eye at the Crown Chakra on the top of the head ( but below the skull ), and finally down forwards to the Third Eye ( lower part of forehead, in between the eye brows where the Ajna Chakra is). The disciple then meditates and concentrates on this area so that the Kundalini energy can stay there.

By opening the Third Eye, or Eye of Gnana ( Wisdom ), the Guru brings the disciple on the path of his spiritual teachings. Spiritual Teachers and Gurus may say many things, but what is understood and absorbed by the students or disciples depends on whether the latter are able to perceive things through the Third Eye. This is the Eye of the Heart, and the Spiritual Heart is where Purity and Divinity reside.

While the disciple meditates, the Guru has a “heart to heart” silent spiritual conversation with the disciple. The Guru delves deep into the spiritual state and potential of the disciple and detects any weaknesses that he may have. He will then help him with advice and guidance on how to achieve his God-given potential. Everyone of us has been ordained with a specific mission to fulfill in our lives. We will have peace in our hearts if we lead our lives in pursuit and in concordance with God’s plans.

The sensitive disciple will immediately feel the Kundalini energy being “awakened”, brought up to the top, and then to the Third Eye. When I was being initiated, I could feel the “pull” as Guruji brought up the Kundalini energy. Then my arms spontaneously went up, and I felt my whole body being stretched and pulled upwards. Different people will have different experiences.

To hasten the spiritual upliftment, the disciple has to avoid eating meats and abstain from sexual relations for two weeks. He is to meditate while concentrating on the Third Eye twice a day throughout this period ( early morning and late evening ). He is to concentrate on the Third Eye every moment of the day, and try to see, feel, hear, taste and sense everything through the Third Eye. During this period some disciples may experience unusual sensations like headaches or giddiness, and there may be a ticklish sensation at the forehead.

To help make it easier to be aware of the Third Eye, he can put his thumb and index finger of both hands together, with some pressure. He can also clench his teeth lightly. If he still finds it difficult, he can actually rub the area on the forehead.

At the end of the two weeks, the Guru will bring down the Kundalini energy back to its original place. This is the second stage of initiation. The next one week’s meditation is done while concentrating on the Mooladhara. This will train the disciple to contain and (later) release the Kundalini energy at his command. Again, to make it easier to be aware of the Mooladhara, he can actually put an irritant nearby so that he is always aware of it. Traditionally, a casuarina seed is placed at the lower sacral area.

After this, the third and final stage of initiation is done. The Guru directs his ( the disciple’s ) Kundalini Sakthi from the base to the Nape Eye, and onto the Crest Eye. Here the Guru will now open the Crest Eye by making a circling motion ( clockwise for men and the reverse for women ) with his finger. Some initiates may actually “feel” movement inside the head, described as like a wet snake slithering inside a cage. The opening of the Crest Eye enhances self-awareness and internal bliss.

Depending on the spiritual station of the disciple at the time of initiation, the Guru may decide to open both the Third Eye and the Crest Eye even at the first stage, as the disciple is already attuned to being self-aware and is ready for advancement.


As mentioned in my previous article on Kundalini, through practice the Kundalini energy is awakened and rises up the central energy pathway ( sushumna nadi ) to the next higher chakra and spiritual elevation. Each chakra defines a spiritual station. As in other spiritual paths, the journey to spiritual wisdom can take many years, with ups and downs.

The final level of spiritual consciousness in this path is attained when the Kundalini Sakthi reaches the “Sahasrara” or “Aradharam”, that is, at the very centre of the brain. Anatomically, this corresponds to the pineal gland, which is associated with our intuitive, psychic and supernatural powers according to many belief systems.

While the physical eye connects to the visual cortex at the back of the brain, the Third Eye connects to the pineal gland. The vortex of the Crown Chakra is also here. So the well-developed Crown Chakra is also a direct access to this spiritual and psychic centre. All those who practise receiving universal energy should channel the energy to the psychic centre first before channeling it out for healing. This will make the energy more focused, intense, and effective.


Readers may be wondering what kind of spirituality is taught. The followers are mostly Hindus. But Guruji’s own guru was a Muslim, and so am I. His most senior Malaysian disciple is Christian. It is obvious that the only teaching that can be acceptable to us all is universal spirituality. That is, teachings of Godliness and goodliness that transcend religious boundaries; and universal truths that transcend religious labels. While accepting the universality of the brotherhood and equality of men and women, and that we have the duty to be good, do good and teach others to do the same, there are still differences in our religious beliefs and practices that prevent me from doing certain things that the other disciples do.

As a Malaysian, this poses no problem at all for me as tolerance, understanding, respect and reverence for others and their respective beliefs and practices have been well-imbued in me, thanks to our multi-racial and multi-religious society.


Guruji’s followers are actively promoting peace and Kundalini Yoga throughout the world through organizations called “Universal Peace Sanctuary”, which have been established in many countries. The Malaysian chapter is now headed by a medical doctor who had life-changing experiences after meeting the Guru. She now devotes much of her time in spreading the teachings, in between her busy medical practice. The movement has a particularly strong following in Iceland, where a local clairvoyant remarked that Guruji will indeed help raise the consciousness and bring peace among the peoples of many nations.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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