There is presently a wave of new energy spreading across the world, and it started in Japan. The Japanese already gave the us one form of energy-healing art ( Reiki was started by Dr Usui ) over 50 years ago, and now there is another energy concept called Hado which is being brought to the West.
While qi (chi) is the life-force of Chinese medicine and philosophy, Hado is a similar healing life-force, but it also has transformative powers beyond the physical and emotional. It is said to be able to make jewellery sparkle, and even change the taste of water and foods. It is claimed that if enough Hado is sent to a painting, the colors of the painting become more vivid and embossed – literally “three-dimensional.”
Hado may be new to us, but it has existed in the Japanese language for centuries. In recent times Hado has been mentioned in the context of philosophy, science, quantum physics and even spirituality to express the healing properties and transformative powers of this life-force energy.
Literally, it means wave motion or vibration. There are three aspects of Hado – vibration, resonance and the most important aspect, which is the flow or circulation. Once we become aware of it in our everyday lives, Hado can cause changes in our selves and our surroundings; and affect our health, relationships, business, and ability to cope with problems.
Hado is being introduced to the West by a scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, and a former opera vocalist, Hado Master Toyoko Matsuzaki.
“Hado is the intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness.” – Dr Masaru Emoto
Dr. Masaru Emoto is the author of the bestselling book, The Hidden Messages in Water, and has traveled across the world educating people on the special properties of water – that it has memory, and can capture emotions and respond to our thoughts, feelings and prayers; and how water affects our health and our lives. He has done scientific experiments to prove this, and has made many electron-microscope photos of frozen-water crystals to prove his claims. These photos show beautiful hexagonal crystals whenever the water is clean and healthy, especially after positive thoughts or prayers have been sent to it; but showed distorted patterns when the water is impure or unhealthy.
For example, in June 1999, 350 people gathered at a lake in Japan and prayed for world peace. Crystals of the water before and after the prayer changed significantly. Similar experiments also resulted in the formation of beautiful water crystals in many places in USA and Europe. Water shows us objectively that our prayers can change the world!
All the special properties of water are due to its unique Hado. Although Hado is present in everything, water Hado is exceptional in that it is connected to our consciousness. This is not surprising as we are in fact 60-70% water!
It is appropriate that 2005 marks the beginning of the United Nations Decade of Water. The message from Dr Masaru Emoto is: “It is our individual responsibility to learn all we can about water, the most precious resource on our planet, and to help shift the consciousness through our thoughts, through our words and prayers, and through our commitment to respect one another with love and gratitude. May our understanding of water help bring peace to all mankind”. He has started a global campaign to respect and give thanks to water, and to help preserve the scarce clean water resources that remain. Those who support this project gather in groups for prayers on the 25th of each month all over the world.
His message will be profoundly felt in the years to come as we grapple with water-supply problems and water-borne catastrophes. Already some countries are fighting over water sources. Closer to home, some of us had to endure water-rationing, and the rest may have to follow soon if enough rain does not fall. Elsewhere too much rainfall has flooded towns and displaced and killed many people in India and Bangladesh. Together with typhoons, water has submerged an entire city in USA and threatened several more. And barely a year ago, the tsunami killed several hundred thousands across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
As mentioned above, Hado has a spiritual element. The basal human nature – desire, ego, selfishness, et cetera all impede the flow of Hado. Conversely, the altruistic and spiritual values of caring, sharing, selflessness and others are synonymous with a good flow.
When you walk into a room of happy people, their mood is “infectious” and you feel happy to. Being greeted, complimented, or hugged make you feel good. That is the power of Hado too. It is the vibrational energy that is transferred in all these occasions. Hado energy is strong and releases very detailed information about a person.
The power of Hado can be harnessed and used for specific intentions. Each person has the potential to tap the Hado power, but the natural ability varies. Some are gifted, but others have to study and practise a long time before becoming a Hado Master. Hado Masters can heal physical ailments, discover their latent clairvoyant abilities, and even receive messages from departed loved ones.
Hado Master Toyoko Matsuzaki discovered her own Hado ability after her mother suffered a severe stroke. One day she was massaging her mother’s paralyzed body and felt a miraculous sensation welled up within her and her mother was healed! She was sending her own Hado power to her mother without knowing it. After this incident her friends and family members started to seek her help. Soon many more sought her help, and so she began to seriously study Hado. Today she travels regularly as a consultant throughout Japan and other countries. You can read her story in The Healing Power of Hado. Being a vocalist, she is very familiar with the vibration/wave motion of Hado.
To learn Hado power, you can try this simple first step: Become aware of the space around you – its feeling, temperature, and density of the air. Start to do this everywhere you go: your home, office, the grocery store, your friends’ houses. You will begin to notice subtle variations in Hado. Become attuned to Hado that feels good and Hado that feels bad. The most important principle of Hado is to practise it every day to feel your energy improving.
Whenever we are close to nature – in the forest, near a stream, lake or beach, or even in the garden, we receive good, pure natural Hado. Homes that are filled with living plants also give out good Hado. The crowded concrete jungles we live in give out bad Hado, so try to get close to nature as often as possible. Or at least have plants in your home and office. Artificial ones don’t count!
Qi itself has so many different forms, as explained in previous articles, and is important in healing, Feng Shui, and many aspects of our lives. Hado is probably concerned with several or all of these forms together. Qi is also a wave-form energy inherent in all things. But the Hado concept has added many more dimensions to this life-force energy. I am sure there are other energy concepts that I have yet to discover. All this will enrich our understanding of ourselves, our lives and our universe, and there is no end to learning and discovering this immensely complex experience called Life. One thing for sure, energy – qi or Hado or whatever you may want to call it – is the driving force behind it.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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