I was in Bali recently ( just before the bombings ) as a speaker at the 1st International Conference of Wellness and Anti-Aging Medicine. The field of Anti-Aging is fast gaining popularity, and at this conference, much attention was focused on hormones, physical fitness and aesthetic medicine. There were many workshops teaching the doctors on the latest about facial resurfacing with lasers and other expensive machines; on mesotherapy ( using multiple superficial injections on the face and body for slimming and rejuvenation ); and on the correct use of the various hormones to slow down or reverse the biological clock. But the most exciting subject is the field of cell therapy, including the immense possibilities offered by stem cells.


Cell therapy is the use of living cells or their extracts to treat or cure diseases; to improve health and vitality; or for their rejuvenating effects. It includes the use of human and non-human, low antigenic, adult or placental/embryonic/fetal cells given by injection or transfusion ( though there are also placental extract oral supplements available ) to renew and enhance biological functions without the fear of dangerous side effects.

We are all already familiar with some forms of cell therapy used in hospitals for many years. Blood transfusion is actually cell therapy. Tissue grafting and organ transplant are extreme examples of cell therapy, where cell-masses are transferred en-bloc.

The Egyptians were already recommending the injection of crushed animal organs to improve human vitality and treatment of various ailments over 3500 years ago. According to historical records, tissue transplants were conducted as early as 2000 years ago.

In modern medicine, animal fetal cellular and extract therapies (especially from sheep) were first developed in Europe, such as, in Germany, Russia and Switzerland in the 1920’s.

The father of modern cell therapy was Dr Paul Niehans of Switzerland. His first use of cell therapy was in 1930 when he was referred an emergency post-thyroidectomy patient ( ie. just had her thyroid gland surgically removed ) who was suffering from “severe post-operative parathyroid tetany” which would have been fatal. The parathyroid glands are so close to the thyroid glands that they can be accidentally removed during such operations.

In desperation, Dr Niehans obtained the parathyroid glands of a newborn ox, grounded it up into very small pieces and made a suspension with saline solution, before injecting it, intra-muscularly, into the patient. The result was a remarkable success.

Dr Niehans later wrote: “I thought the effect would be short-lived, just like the effect of an injection of hormones, and that I should have to repeat the injection. But, to my great surprise, the injection of fresh cells not only failed to provoke an immune reaction, but the effect lasted longer than any synthetic hormone, any implant or any surgical graft. Twenty-six years passed and the patient was still free from cramps in 1956”.

Following his first successful cell therapy experiment, Dr Paul Niehans went on to apply this treatment for more than 50,000 times, over a period of forty years. Among the people who received Dr Niehans’ cellular therapy treatments at the famous Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland were statesmen, royalty, tycoons and celebrities from all over the world. Many thousands ( including wealthy Malaysians ) continue to go there or to similar centres in Europe and South America for rejuvenation, or for the treatment of otherwise incurable diseases.

In 1953, Pope Pius XII, while suffering and dying from an unknown disease, summoned Dr Paul Niehans to his bedside and asked for the live cells treatment. The treatment was a success and the Pope recovered. In appreciation and gratitude, the Holy Father admitted Dr Niehans to the Papal Academy of Sciences.

Cell therapy is still banned in North America, due to earlier bad experiences with antigenic/rejection cases. It is thought that the doctors there may not have followed the strict protocals as practised by Dr Niehans and his colleagues, and hence ended up having many complications.

Many Americans, however, go down to Mexico to avail themselves of cell therapy, and Mexico is now the leading centre for cell therapy in the treatment of serious diseases and cancers. Doctors there have reported success in treating brain damage, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Down’s Syndrome and other genetic defects, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, AIDS, various types of cancers, and many more.

In treating these diseases, organs cells from young animals ( eg. pig, sheep, cow and shark ) are often used. Embryonic/fetal cells & tissues contain a high concentration of biochemical substances such as growth factors, nucleic acids, peptides, enzymes, etc. designed to bring about high growth rate and repair of fetal structures. When injected into the adult body, they can be absorbed to enhance the living processes of the older recipient body, slowing & reversing degeneration and disease. In the 1970s, two German scientists at the University of Heidelberg, Dr Lettre and Dr Schmidt, successfully demonstrated by radioactive marking and tracing of cells that injected animal fetal cells invariably ended up in the target organ, for example, heart cells to the heart, and likewise, liver cells to the liver, and so on.


In fact, this cellular homing and recognition mechanism relates to the vibrational energies emitted by the DNA coils and the membrane fiber-optics in all living cells, earlier described by both Tesla and Lakhovsky in the 1920s.

This is an exciting discovery for a scientist and Qigong master like me, because the convergence of eastern metaphysics and modern science is apparent here. All life has qi, and all life has DNA ( viruses, which are not true life-forms, can have DNA or RNA ).

Now we know that our genes are the source of energy that is responsible not only for keeping the cells alive, but also for the cells to recognize one another. Hence, even the heart cells of another species will find the human heart, if injected.

The youngest cells with the youngest genes carry the strongest energy that enable the cells to divide rapidly, carry out all their functions, and heal quickly when injured. We see how children are energetic, and heal rapidly from wounds, often without any scarring. Cell therapy is a means of transferring this young, healthy genetic energy to older cells.

We will probably never know the complete answer to how fetal cells from either the same or another species work their wonders when injected into the body. What does seem apparent is that the genetic information is transferred both energetically and chemically to the host cells, yet not incorporated into the genes of the host cells so it cannot be transmitted to an offspring. Some believe it is the incompatibility of the DNA sequence which allows utilization in the human cell, but prevents transmission of the genetic effects to the next generation.


For anti-aging purposes, very young cells are used because it is found that the young cells can influence the host ( patient ) cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves. The usual sources are sheep placenta, embryo or fetus. Some countries also make human placenta cell extracts, but this is not popular ( though cheaper ) as the health/quality of the donor is not guaranteed.

The most expensive is fresh live cell therapy where the living cells are injected within 5 hours after extraction. These are done in the specialized centres by skilled doctors under very strict regulations. Injections of frozen live cells, or lyophilized freeze-dried cells are more affordable. The most common ( and cheaper ) method is cell extracts injections, and the cheapest are the extracts in oral capsules.


Readers are probably aware of the many exciting successes in stem cells research in the last decade. Many babies in Malaysia now even have their cord blood stored for possible extraction of stem cells in the future. Using your own stem cells is preferred in treating diseases as there will be no problems of rejection.

Stem cells have the amazing ability to become many types of cells, and can replace the sick or dying ones. Scientists have succeeded in treating many diseases using stem cells, and the list is growing rapidly. It is now possible to extract stem cells from your own blood, and inject them into your failing heart if all else fail.

But the real boom in stem cells will come when it is made available for those seeking to reverse the aging process. Cord blood stem cells are already being used for rejuvenation in Mexican clinics.

Botox was first used to treat medical problems like spasticity and muscle spasms, but is now mainly used for removing facial wrinkles. Likewise, in the future, stem cells will be mostly used for rejuvenation, although they will certainly help those with complicated medical diseases as well.


I leave you with this quote:

“You meet people in their 80’s and 90’s who have the vitality of those who are 25 with sharp brains, a wonderful sense of humour and a dynamism that puts most of us to shame.”
Leslie Kenton ( among the most-read health writers ), after visiting a cell therapy centre, quoted in her book, AGE POWER.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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