There are many benefits of practising Qigong, and some of the claims may sound incredulous to the skeptics. But for those who diligently practise this ancient art, the benefits are real.

Kay ( not her real name ) was going through a difficult time in her life three years ago. She was suffering from depression, headaches, insomnia, indigestion, constipation and joint pains. As if all these were not enough, she was also suffering from pelvic pains due to endometriosis. She was stressed due to personal problems, and having to support her young children on her own. All the doctors’ drugs did not help her much, though she was already dependent on sleeping pills and pain killers.

Fortunately for her, she was introduced to Qigong, and even after a short while, she noticed some improvement in her health. Determined to kick drugs out of her life and to regain her former healthy self, she flew to Hong Kong to learn first-hand from the Qigong master who had originally taught the exercises that she learned.

She was so impressed with the results that she devoted 1 to 3 hours everyday practising Qigong. Doing the Qigong exercises became a source of joy and relaxation for her, as she also slowly but surely regained her energetic, healthy self. She was able to gradually get off the sleeping pills and pain killers, and after 2 years of diligent practice, was totally healthy without any of the complaints she previously had, and was completely off her medications.

Now at 49, she looks years younger than her age, and is full of energy and enthusiasm, and is ever thankful for the marvelous benefits that Qigong has given her. Since she has also done yoga and other exercises before, she swears that Qigong can help beyond what other exercises can, but unfortunately, most people think Qigong is only for old people, and the younger generation thinks that Qigong exercises are boring and not exciting enough.


However, there are many others who have learned Qigong but do not get much benefit from their practice. Invariably, the answer lies in the duration of time that they devote to Qigong.

In my observation, a healthy person can expect to remain healthy if she practices Qigong one hour each day. That one hour may be split into several sessions if necessary. The Muslim who prays with discipline can count the ritual prayer as practising Qigong, so ½ to 1 hour of Qigong is already built-in in the daily routine. All my Muslim students are offered lessons on how to pray with full discipline.

Those who wish to recover from illnesses certainly have to do at least 1 hour daily without fail. If you have serious diseases, you have to do more. Patients like Kay, who practised 1-3 hours daily, can expect to recover from many problems. Even then, since she had a whole myriad of problems, it took 2 years before she could be completely symptom-free without drugs.


A dear friend of mine, who is trim and fit at 61, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since the cancer was inoperable, he had to go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has started Qigong and alternative therapies, including nutritional supplements to improve his chances.

We have heard too often about people being diagnosed with cancer, and that even the best of medical science cannot help them much. Unfortunately, the medical fraternity frowns upon alternative therapies that offer hope to many of these cancer patients, because the alternative therapies are not backed up by scientific studies like the drugs. Yet it is common knowledge that even with the billions spent on research, modern medicine can save only a small percentage of those with advanced cancers.

Qigong is definitely one method that can help cancer patients. I have repeatedly mentioned about the many patients who have recovered from advanced cancers after practising Qigong, but it would be wrong to claim that all of the cancer patients who practised Qigong survived. The crucial factor is again the duration of Qigong practised.

Those who hope to recover from advanced cancer through Qigong must start with 4 hours of practice daily ( can be done in divided sessions ), and only reduce the duration when recovery is achieved. Many who followed this regime defied their doctors’ predictions that they would die within weeks or months because their cancers were too advanced and incurable. This fact is contained in a documentary about the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club, which followed the lives of the cancer survivors. Even here in Malaysia we have many with similar stories.

There is good news for women though. A vaccine for HPV ( human papilloma virus, which is the cause of cancer of the cervix ) is expected to be available next year and this will drastically reduce the number of women getting cervical cancer, which is still the second-most notorious ( after breast cancer ) female cancer in many countries. In the meantime everyone should be immunized against Hepatitis B virus ( which causes liver cancer ), and should check and be treated ( if necessary ) for Helicobacter pylori ( the bacteria which causes gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastric cancer ). The AIDS virus (HIV) is known to predispose to Burkitt’s lymphoma and sarcomas. Certain types of leukemia are also caused by viruses. I will not be surprised if many more cancers will be found to have viruses or bacteria as the underlying cause.


Like Kay, those who have recovered from diseases and continue practising Qigong diligently become healthier than before and really appreciate the tremendous benefits Qigong offers. During her problem days, she was always lethargic, did not feel like meeting people, had no desire for sex, and even if she did have sex, did not enjoy it at all.

Women who have given birth through the normal passage often have loosened vagina and later develop some degree of ( utero-vaginal ) prolapse. This is a common problem for all women who have given birth vaginally, especially those who had difficult births. Some even have urinary symptoms like urgency ( they have to rush to the toilet after the urge comes ) or stress incontinence ( the urine leaks whenever they cough, laugh or strain ). Those who gave birth only through Caeserian sections are usually spared these problems.

To make matters worse, many women have vaginal dryness which may become chronic as they approach menopause. This can cause painful intercourse and predispose to vaginal infections. If not corrected, all these may lead to problems in their sexual relationships.

All these problems can gradually disappear if they conscientiously practise the special Qigong exercises for women. The vaginal muscles will become strong and the prolapse will improve. Libido (sexual desire) will increase and dryness problems can disappear; and they can enjoy sex like they used to when they were younger. In short, they can feel like healthy, young women again. Qigong not only get rid of illnesses, it also can restore feminity, and rejuvenate women. If women start these exercises when they are young, before these problems arise, they can definitely prevent them from ever occurring.

The improvement in sexual function can be achieved by men too. We know that over 75% of men have some form of sexual problems, including 45% of men above 40 with various degrees of erectile dysfunction. While drugs like Viagra can help, they only treat the symptoms, but do not reverse the disease. Many men also suffer from loss of libido, lack of stamina, and premature ejaculation. And even if they deny having these problems, their wives or partners suffer and complain to the doctors! As a gynecologist, I know this is true.

There are special exercises that can help both men and women improve their sexual health, and their sexual performance. Although I have included two such exercises in the “SuperQigong” set of exercises that I teach during my courses, there are other exercises that are applicable to the different sexes, and must be taught to them separately. Some exercises involve massaging the private parts and therefore cannot be taught in the open, and definitely not under the trees in the parks or by the lake gardens! Indeed, it is only appropriate that the ladies are taught by a lady teacher, and I am happy to report that I have found one who can do so. So now I can teach the men and she can handle the ladies. We are surely going to see them go wild after that!

Qigong is truly a chest of treasures – you only need to find the right treasures for your particular needs. Knowing the right Qigong exercises can really transform you, whether you have emotional problems, chronic diseases, cancers, sexual problems or just lethargy. The treasures of Qigong can restore your health, boost your energy and rejuvenate your sex life. You can live life to the fullest again!


For those who may have missed reading my previous articles, these are now available at Happy reading!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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