Recently I visited a friend who was discovered to have tumours in the brain, which were metastases from a cancer which probably began in one of his kidneys. Everything had happened very fast. He was a 47 year-old gentleman, active in sports, and was taking several health supplements. But he was also a heavy smoker. He had felt weakness in one arm, followed by weakness in the other limbs, and was confined to the wheel-chair. All in the span of two weeks. When I met him, he was alert and looking for alternative therapies, as the doctors had given him only 6 months to live. Unfortunately, he died the next day. May his soul rest in peace.

This scenario will be a more familiar occurrence as cancer continues its attack upon our society, and we don’t seem to have an answer.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what can be done to prevent this from happening. Even I am scared of cancer, because it seems like a hidden enemy waiting to pounce upon us from every corner, and we don’t know where he is and where he is coming from. Getting other diseases ( heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung disease, and others ) is quite predictable, and therefore preventing these diseases is possible.

I spend a lot of time studying about nutrition and am an ardent advocate of nutritional therapy for health and healing, but although there is still so much controversy over this, I believe that a major reason is that we are grossly deficient in many nutrients, including many of the micro-nutrients ( nutrients that are required only in minute amounts, but are essential for certain cellular functions ). For example, in a previous article I mentioned that although the official advice for vitamin C intake is only 90mg daily for adult males, many of us take a minimum of 1000mg daily while proponents of nutritional therapy suggest taking even more ( see ).

Our most acute requirement is for air ( providing oxygen ), then water, and only then food ( providing nutrients and energy ). If we have adequate oxygen and water intake, then the problem must lie in the last component – lack of nutrients and energy. Most of us however, are taking too much calories, and have so much excess body fat as proof of this. That leaves the nutrients as the remaining suspect.

Of course there are other contributing factors to cancer – genetic predisposition, chemical/free-radical damage, infections and stress – but adequate nutrition can still resist the damaging effects of these factors. Adequate nutrition will allow the body to repair damaged genes, counter free-radicals, fight most infections, and help cope with the cellular damages caused by stress.

In my observations, I realized that there is a group of people who do not eat much, but still remained very healthy. Although it is known that to live long we have to cut down on our calorie intake, it only works if we take nutrient-dense foods ( low-calorie but rich in nutrients ). Otherwise we will end up with all sorts of deficiency diseases. But this group of people hardly eats, and even though they tend to be skinny, they rarely get any of the chronic diseases or cancer. These are the gurus, saints and swamis who practise fasting, meditation and breathing exercises.

Perhaps the most known of these breathing exercises is pranayama, from the Hindu tradition, which teaches breathing techniques to increase prana, or life-force. Many versions are taught by different swamis and yogis. In Sufi Healing, there is a breathing technique incorporated in the dzikir ( chanting of the beautiful names of GOD ) which increase our latifa ( life-force ). I have mentioned many times that the Muslims should learn how to increase the life-force ( latifa or qi ) every time they pray.


For those who know, the most important requirement for life and health is not oxygen, but qi. Those who have been following this column would know that qi is the force behind the Universe and is involved in all the activities within it.

You have to differentiate between the energy we need that is measurable in calories, and the qi we need that is not measurable with current available instruments ( though it can be detected ).

Breathing techniques as practised by the spiritual people, and by those who practise yoga, tai chi and qigong all increase qi and improve its flow. But it is in the qigong exercises that this improvement is possible at the highest level because qigong is specific about being connected with your qi, distributing it through the meridians, and storing it in the energy centres. It is for this reason that qigong is famous for reversing chronic diseases, including some “incurable” ones, and even advanced cancers. Readers can refer to previous articles for stories of those who have recovered from terminal cancers after practicing qigong ( see ).


I started by relating the story of a friend who just succumbed to cancer. In fact there are several others I have yet to visit who have sought my advice because of cancer. My advice to them will be to learn and practice qigong as soon and as often as possible, because many others before them improved after practising qigong regularly. However, even qigong is only one piece of the total puzzle.

To prevent or recover from cancer and chronic diseases we must try to make our body superhealthy. That means a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, loading yourself with nutrient-supplements, balancing your hormones, protecting your genes, plenty of exercise and managing stress well. Being superhealthy means achieving tip-top health and fitness. To achieve that you should also drink fresh oxygen-water, drink at least 2 litres of fluids per day, and of course practise qigong. If you do all this, you should not only become healthier, you will also look younger.


I have compiled a series of exercises from the many styles of qigong that I have learned over the last 15 years and have created some of my own qigong exercises that are beneficial for everyone as they face the prospect of getting the many health problems that come with aging. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, lung diseases, back problems, arthritis and many others afflict thousands of those above 40.

SuperQigong is a set of exercises that can be done in 30 minutes, although it is best if done with more repetitions that would take 1 hour. Combined with the Amazing Qigong Walk ( another 20 minutes or more ), it keeps you healthy and provides a formidable defense against all those diseases. It will also improve your stamina and sexual health. It even includes the qi anti-aging massage! ( Most of the exercises have been described in the previous articles).

It is a powerful addition to my prescription to be superhealthy. The exercises are simple, and even children can learn and practise them.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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