In the previous article about aromatherapy, I mentioned that essential oils are very powerful antioxidants ( having the highest ORAC scores ), have very high bio-electric frequencies ( the champion being the rose ), and can kill microbes ( viruses and bacteria ), fungi and some parasites. They are also good insect-repellants.

The anti-microbial effect is so strong that essential oils can be applied directly to the nostrils to kill germs infecting the nasal passage, and to help prevent the spread of airborne contagious infections, like the common cold and more serious viral and bacterial infections. These have been validated by clinical studies. Seeing that upper respiratory tract infections are so common, it would be good to keep the preventive potential of aromatherapy in mind. There are nose-drops and household sprays that contain essential oils as active ingredients, or you can choose to diffuse the essential oils in the classical way ( using a diffuser/burner ). And while they kill germs and give you other health benefits of aromatherapy, you get to smell the best aromas too. You should also enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy bath once in a while.

Today I will share about another excellent way to benefit from essential oils – by using them as massage oil for qi-energy meridian massage.

Although they can be used for any method of massage, when used for qi-energy meridian massage, there are multi-fold benefits especially if you use the right oil for the right health problem. Each essential oil has a unique energy character, and is able to modify the energy pattern of our body. Qi-energy meridian massage also works by improving the energy pattern of the body, so the combination is synergistic.

If you are an energy-healer, you should be able to “sense” the energy imbalance and know which points and meridians to massage , and which essential oils to use.

Massage has a soothing and relaxing effect, improves blood and lymphatic flow, and corrects minor misalignments of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Studies on acupuncture have shown that endorphins – body chemicals that reduce pain and give a “feel-good” sensation – are released during the treatment. Massage at acupuncture points is likely also to release the endorphins. This is the scientific basis for acupressure and shiatsu massage techniques. But there are benefits beyond those explained by endorphins.

By extending the massage to follow the body’s qi-energy channels (meridians), the organs are stimulated even more, and therefore more pronounced benefits are felt. Western doctors and scientists who believe in the Eastern energy system are now at the forefront of research and application of this science.

Dr Roger Callahan, the originator of Thought Field Therapy ( TFT ) discovered that he was able to treat pain and many emotional/psychological problems by tapping or massaging a series of energy points ( meridian points or acupoints ). The patients are required to focus on the painful part, or on the cause of the emotional upset during the treatment. Another practitioner, Gary Craig ( who is actually an engineer ) simplified the treatment by just tapping all the major acupoints so that whatever the problem, the corresponding acupoints will not be missed. By this Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) he was able to successfully treat a wide variety of emotional disorders, including stress, fears, phobias, anxiety; addictions to cigarettes, sugar and drugs; and also applied it to improving sports performance and work/business motivation.
By stimulating the various organs and glands, massage techniques also help release beneficial hormones, improve digestion, promote elimination of wastes and detoxification, and improve wellbeing. Stimulation of particular organ systems can help in the improvement and recovery from diseases.

Now, imagine if all this is combined with the healing power of essential oils. To get the maximum benefit from qi-energy meridian massage using essential oils, you need to know the acupoints, the meridians, and the essential oils.

The major acupoints and meridians have been described in previous articles (see You can also refer to diagrams and charts of the meridians, which are readily available. Massage the energy points and connecting meridians according to which organs systems you want to improve. For each health benefit, choose the appropriate essential oil to enhance the effects. Do not worry if you did not choose the most appropriate oil, as no harm will ensue. But it is best if the correct oils are used for the healing synergy.

There are several important acupoints that are convenient to know as you can stimulate them anytime for immediate relief. For example, you can stop nausea and vomiting (including that of travel and pregnancy) by pressing the acupoints about two finger-breadths from the centre of your wrist-crease. If you apply the essential oils, it will be even better ( eg. Chamomile or lavender ). There is a wrist-band sold at pharmacies to enable continuous pressure to be applied. For some of my pregnant patients, it was the only thing that saved them from weeks of vomiting.

For the lung meridian, you can use basil, chamomile, citronella, eucalyptus, green bamboo, green tea, lavender, mint and many others. The lungs respond to most essential oils as they are intimately connected to the oil molecules as they pervade the air we breathe. So there is direct stimulation of the lung cells, and lung meridians. Even doctors now rely on inhalational drugs to get rapid results.

For the heart meridian, you can use chamomile, ginseng, green bamboo, lavender, lemon balm and valerian. Note that all essential oils have overlapping effects on several organ/meridian systems. Some have direct effects ( for example lemon balm relaxes the heart and blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure ), while others have indirect effects ( for example lavender calms the nerves, reduces anxiety, thus relieving the heart from the damaging effects of high adrenaline levels ). Valerian has specific protective effects on the heart, as well as calming the nerves. In TCM, the heart is related to emotions and sleep, so there is much overlap between the energy systems. This is now validated by modern scientific understanding, as stress is acknowledged as the contributing factor in many diseases, and that the organ systems depend on one another.

The stomach and large intestines meridians respond well to basil, citronella, lavender and lemon balm. Stress, indigestion and constipation cause much problems in modern society, and massage with essential oils is a gentle, natural and effective remedy.

For the liver and spleen, you can try basil, chamomile, green tea, lavender, mint, or rose.

Chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, and lotus are good for the kidneys and bladder.

There are thousands of essential oils and the list I have provided is but a small sample that are easily available. Plants from the east are now being studied and added to the long list.

There are some simple solutions for everyday problems that may be worthwhile to remember. Lavender is a favourite, and can be used for many purposes, including anxiety, stress, headaches, and insomnia. Basil is useful for blocked nose and common cold. Jasmine can be used for coughs and chest discomfort. Ginseng is good for boosting energy, vitality and libido. Those who have high cholesterol and sugar levels may want to try green tea essential oil to help their problem.

If you know the essential oils, you can combine them and have even more powerful healing.

I hope you have fun experimenting with essential oils, and the more adventurous ones can start practising the massage on your partners! For sensuality, nothing beats the rose. Try it.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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