Perhaps the grooviest scientist on the planet today is Dr Patrick Flanagan. Inventor, physicist, medical doctor, author and holder of over 300 patents, he is also among the most brilliant scientists alive.

At age 11, he invented a missile detector which could track missiles being launched anywhere in the world. The Pentagon ( US defense headquarters ) promptly bought his invention and appointed him as an adviser!

At age 13, he invented a hearing device that helped so many deaf people. He continued to invent so many things in so many fields that by age 17 ( 43 years ago ), Life Magazine had already chosen him as one of the 100 most important young people of USA. As proof that he has not slowed down at all, in 1997 at age 51, he was named Scientist of The Year by the International Association of New Science.

Now at age 60, he is still full of ideas, is charged with energy, and wears earrings! It was indeed an honour for me to meet this exceptionally talented and groovy scientist during his recent lecture tour of Malaysia. Although I only met him for a short while, I had already done my homework on this scientist and inventor extraordinaire.

I found out that he is certainly no ordinary scientist, and his wide spectrum of research includes the subjects dear to me – health, longevity, energy and qi ( life force ). Together with his mentors and teachers ( including Dr Henri Coanda, “Father of Fluid Dynamics” ), he has researched the hydrogen atom ( the most basic atom ), modified water to imitate the health-giving glacial waters of the famous Hunza valley, and manipulated silica crystals into the most powerful antioxidant ever.

But the jewel in the crown is his understanding of qi and energy, which is in line with what holistic/energy health practitioners like I have believed all along. To have such a prominent scientist come out and explain clearly what is qi brings a quantum leap in the acceptance of qi in the mainstream scientific world. All this while energy practitioners have faced a lot of skeptism and even ridicule, because we are supposed to be talking about something which does not exist.

This explanation by one of the most brilliant scientists in the world is a form of vindication for us, and will force many skeptics to review their stance, and will hopefully lead to more scientific research and eventual acceptance, and elucidation of the nature of qi.


In the previous article I explained that fundamental particles, which include electrons, are the most basic components of matter. Next, these fundamental particles combine to make elementary particles ( protons and neutrons ). Most of you would remember from school science lessons that an atom is made of the nucleus with one or more positively-charged protons plus none, one, or more neutral-charged neutrons, surrounded by negatively-charged electrons ( same number as protons ) which move at lightning speed in spherical clouds around the central nucleus. That is the simple description of a stable, neutral atom. The smallest atom is the Hydrogen atom, having one proton ( no neutron ) and one electron. There exists a rare and heavier hydrogen atom ( with the addition of a neutron ) which is called Deuterium. There is even the rarest Tritium ( with 2 neutrons ) which is often found in nuclear reactors.

If you are getting dizzy trying to grasp all this scientific mumbo-jumbo, please be patient as I guide you through an elementary scientific understanding of the basics of your health.

Many atoms are even more stable if two or more similar atoms are combined into a molecule. Thus in the natural state, hydrogen and oxygen exist as molecules of two atoms (H2 and 02, respectively). Hydrogen readily combines with oxygen to form water (H2O). If it’s Deuterium, we get “heavy water” (D2O).

Those who learnt science would also know that the flow of electrons generate electricity and magnetic fields. But do you know that electrons ultimately determine your health and longevity?

Although electrons can jump (“flow”) from one atom to another ( as in electricity ), more often than not, it is the movement of an atom or molecule carrying the electron that results in the “flow”. Thus the effect of the movement of an atom carrying an electron is the same as that of the electron itself moving ( as far as charge and energy are concerned ). Think of you giving money to someone, with or without an envelope. As far as the monetary exchange is concerned, it is the same, but you would usually give it in an envelope, especially during weddings and festivals!

Many biochemical activities in our cells involve energy and electrons. Albert Szent-Gorgyi, the very brilliant Nobel Laureate who discovered vitamin C, also discovered the role of the Hydrogen atom in the body. He discovered that in the living organism, electrons flow only by being attached to Hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is the electron-carrier necessary to provide electrons for various biochemical reactions.

And that is why Hydrogen is so important in the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate ), which is the energy currency for our cells. He called Hydrogen, “The Fuel of Life”.


In the field of health we learn that much of the reason for why we age, get chronic diseases, and get cancers, is attributed to the damage caused by “free radicals” on our cells.

Free radicals are unstable atoms and molecules which need to steal electrons from other atoms or molecules to stabilize. Unfortunately, the latter atoms/molecules then become unstable free radicals themselves and the process continues causing a series of damaging reactions. It is estimated that every cell is bombarded by about 10,000 such destructive attacks daily, as a result of normal cellular metabolism, and worsened by exercise, exposure to toxins in our food and in the environment; stress, and drugs ( including many prescription drugs ).

To control this damage, we have to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and other plants, which contain antioxidants. These are the antidote to the free radicals because they are ready donors of electrons, transforming into harmless products or weak free radicals themselves. For example, vitamin C becomes a weak free radical after it has neutralized a stronger free radical. It is then recycled by vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and glutathione. If these “companions” are lacking, then it cannot be recycled, and will do some damage itself.

Fortunately, because it is water-soluble, it is excreted in the urine ( much of it within 10 hours of an oral dose ). It also means that to maintain healthy levels of vitamin C in the body, you need to take it regularly ( for example, every 5 hours ).


Dr Flanagan carried on these research, and found that the Hunza valley water contains high levels of negatively-charged Hydrogen ions ( each Hydrogen atom having an extra electron ). So drinking the water means having lots of spare electrons to neutralize free radicals without generating new ones, and also plenty of electrons to feed the energy-generation processes.

These negatively-charged Hydrogen ions are usually unstable, but they are abundant in Hunza water because of its content of colloidal silica mineral which traps the ions.

His brilliance is proven when he is able to duplicate nature by embedding and stabilizing these ions to edible silica powder (silica hydride, also called “Active Hydrogen”), thus making the most powerful antioxidant known. In the lab, it has doubled the life-span of cells. More research is being done to translate the potential benefits discovered in the lab into real health benefits for us.


I was pleasantly surprised to discover that he refers to qi in his scientific explanations. According to him, the moving electrons ( through the movement of Hydrogen) generate qi, the universal life force. Even he acknowledges that qi is at the core of all matter and biochemical reactions. So an understanding of electrons and hydrogen ions is important if you want to know qi. I have explained this bio-electric phenomenon in previous articles ( please see ).

What touched me most is reading this quote from him: ” In the spirit of humanitarianism, openness and sharing, it is my profound desire to share my discoveries with the world of science in the hope that they may be used to improve human life.”

I hope he will continue making discoveries that will benefit us all.

May the Force be with you, Sir!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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