In the previous article I described the body as an energy machine, and that gadgets and machines that emit any form of energy can affect our cells and our body. I described the subliminal learning method, the Wagner Bionic Transputer, and the WillauTronic chip which all work through our brain waves. Now I will focus on how magnetic force can affect our health.

Since our cells, especially our nerves and muscles, depend on electrical signals ( generated by changes in the flow of charged atoms and molecules or ions ), our body therefore generates a pulsating electromagnetic field. This was scientifically confirmed by many researchers, including Dr John Zimmerrnan at the University of Colorado, using a magnetometer, over 20 years ago. Before that the works of Nicola Tesla and others had established that electromagnetic waves can have favourable or unfavourable effects on the body.

With better scientific instruments, later researchers are able to precisely map the body’s actual magnetic field. We now know that the DNA coils in the chromosomes of our cell are the receiving, processing and transmitting centres of electromagnetic signals.


This has been quickly adopted by the medical scientists and now we have an invaluable machine called the MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging ) scanner. It detects differences in the magnetic fields of healthy and unhealthy cells, gives very accurate diagnosis, and is much safer than similar machines which use X-rays. The machine itself functions by generating a magnetic field that interacts with that of our cells and the fluids around them, and images are generated using computer technology.

Although the use is limited to diagnostic applications at the moment, it will be a matter of time before magnetic treatment machines become available. If abnormal or unhealthy cells generate aberrant magnetic fields, then it is possible to rectify these aberrations and repair the diseased cells by using therapeutic magnetic energy.


Although it is not yet available in the hospitals, magnetic therapy gadgets have been available to the public for many years, and simple magnetic therapy machines have been used by alternative/complementary therapists and even some doctors in their clinics.

The simplest gadgets available are bracelets, wristwatches, pendants and even rings which are impregnated with magnets. These are claimed to improve arthritis, rheumatism, joint and muscle pains, headaches, inflammation, insomnia, stress, and even constipation! The list of potential health benefits is very long, and is plausible if you know that every cell will respond to external magnetic fields. These are supposed to happen through improvements in blood circulation, body metabolism, and energy production. And there are many users over many years who have benefited, especially in improving the aches and pain.

I have allowed myself to be tested on these magnetic bracelets. Testing is usually done by using applied kinesiology, and some of the tests are convincing enough. When wearing the bracelet, my strength was indeed improved.
There are also magnetic discs that are used in pairs or sets of four to eliminate severe pain and headaches. These are attached to the affected areas using adhesive, and have indeed been shown to be effective. The powerful magnetic signals from the discs interfere with the pain signals coming from the problem areas, preventing them from getting transmitted to the pain-centres in the brain. While TENS ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ) directly interfere with the pain sensation by sending external electrical pulses, magnetic disc therapy instead interfere with their transmission.

Another novel method is to send a magnetic pulse, instead of the electrical pulse. A recent placebo-controlled study at Ohio State University Medical Centre showed that more than two-thirds of the patients with severe migraine treated with the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ( TMS ) zapper device had complete or near-complete cessation of headaches. TMS is able to stop the prodromal or aura stage of migraine during which sufferers often experience seeing flashing lights, loss of vision, tingling or confusion. This phase precedes the actual intense throbbing headaches, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Magnetic pulse therapy actually triggers electrical pulses in the nerves that would then interfere with the electrical signals already present. However, to achieve the same effect with direct electrical stimulation would cause discomfort, whereas doing it indirectly with magnetic pulses is painless.

I hope the scientists will progress quickly to make this magnetic therapy useful for treating certain psychiatric disorders. As a young doctor over 25 years ago, one of the pitiful sights I had to endure was that of such patients being treated with electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ). As the name implies, patients convulse as they receive electric shocks meant to make their brains work normally. I am sure a magnetic alternative can achieve the same or better results with no trauma to the patients ( and observers ).


Many of us were introduced to the magnetic mattress through the publicity generated by a foreign MLM company that sold thousands of these mattresses to locals about 10 years ago. I was actually introduced to the mattress by my mother who claimed that her health improved after using the mattress. Although the enthusiasm fizzled after the company collapsed, the goodness of the mattress is real. Sometimes the marketing hype and the stigma attached to MLM companies mask the goodness of some of the products they sell.

The magnetic mattress has a big magnetic field that engulfs the entire body as you lie on it. It is thus able to have a big influence on the body functions. If you sleep 6-8 hours nightly on it, the effects will be more intense, and cumulative.

I had a back injury 14 years ago. Although the acute episode was promptly solved by a traditional healer in Melaka ( he massaged my foot for only a few minutes ), my back remained vulnerable since then. I have strengthened it with qigong spinal exercises, some gym work, and using the inverter ( an equipment which allows you to hang upside-down safely ) but occasionally, especially when I do surgery, my spine is twisted in an awkward position for extended periods, which may put pressure on the nerves again.

Recently I was put in such a twisted position while doing a 2-hour surgery using laser equipment to burn fat away in my patient. The back-pain came soon after that. I did qigong exercises but improvement was slow, and even pain-killers didn’t help. I got onto the inverter, and for the first time it didn’t work. Then I remembered the magnetic mattress. My mattress has a combination of magnetic field, heat, and jade crystal energy. I switched it on, and after about 30 minutes of lying on it, the pain was gone for good. While qigong is excellent for long-term health and prevention, for acute problems even I have to rely on these gadgets, and sometimes drugs.

If you want to purchase a magnetic mattress, you must check that it actually generates a magnetic field. This is simply done by putting a small iron ball in a small plastic container. When there is a magnetic field, the iron ball will move. My mattress generates an alternating magnetic field ( just like the alternating current or AC with its alternating polarities ) and so the iron ball would be continuously jumping.

There are other mattresses with various health-enhancing claims. I will soon test a mattress that claims to enhance your qi as you sleep on it! If there are qi-enhancing water, discs and pendants, so why not a mattress?


Another exciting gadget is the LifeWave Energy Enhancer. This is a stick-on patch invented by another German, David Schmidt. The LifeWave patches are claimed to interact with the body’s magnetic field and are able to “talk” and instruct the cells to work better through processes known as frequency modulation, resonant energy transfer and signal induction/transduction. The energy-enhancing effects of LifeWave have been proven in double-blind placebo-controlled studies in USA.

The unique feature of these patches is that they do not use chips but natural substances (amino-acids and sugars). Through nanotechnology, these are arranged in a matrix and then programmed to positively influence the body’s magnetic field. When the cells receive these signals, they switch to fat-burning instead of sugar or carbohydrate-burning. Thus the main effect of LifeWave is enhanced energy production and stamina ( and a leaner, stronger, muscular or better-toned body if used over the long term ). It is worn in pairs, and it is claimed that you will feel the effects even after only 10 minutes of wearing the patches. Since we all know how lazy the body is when it comes to burning fat and how many of us wish we had more energy than just dragging our bodies around, it is no wonder that LifeWave is indeed creating waves in the health-enhancement market, and is a much sought-after item. Athletes find it especially beneficial because for them every bit of improvement counts! The inventor advises that the effects will be further enhanced if the wearer drinks plenty of water, gets good nutrition, takes amino-acid and protein supplements, and does sufficient exercise.

There are yet many more gadgets that I am familiar with, and others that I am not aware of. Some of these may be useful to readers that may have problems that have not been cured with available treatments, so I think it is important that I share my knowledge.

I also hope that those who know of energy gadgets or treatment methods will contact me so that we can educate the public on the options available to help improve their health.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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