Our cells are not only like small batteries, they are also ion generators and mini-magnets. When all these energies are combined, then you will get some idea of what qi ( life-force ) is about. Sometimes, these energies are strong in certain people, and under certain circumstances.

You must have occasionally experienced “electro-static shock” when a small stinging current shoots from your fingers when you touch an object. Some people can make their hair stand just by cycling in a certain place. Then there are others who can make metal objects stick to their bodies. Sometimes even heavy objects get stuck to their magnetic bodies. These have often been reported in the newspapers.

But the most remarkable is the ability to light up electrical bulbs and fluorescent lamps. Some practitioners of hard-qigong can do this as they can concentrate their qi to cause an electrical current to flow. Remember, electricity is one of the components of qi!

I will share with you an interesting encounter I had with a psychic healer. Many years ago, my Sufi Master asked me to see a famous local psychic healer. The healer asked me what my intention was, and I answered that I was only following my Sheikh’s orders. Then he said that many people had come to see him to learn, but most cannot pass the tests.

He then gave me a small piece of aluminum foil and asked me to write my mother’s name on it. I was asked to squeeze the foil into a small ball and hold it in my fist. He said that if it got too hot, then I could release it. But even before he could finish his sentence, I had to let go as it was unbearably hot. He was surprised.

Then he put the ball into a glass of water and recited certain verses. To my amazement, the ball whizzed at the bottom of the glass.

Then he proceeded to show me his powers. First I was asked to hold his hand, but each time I did, I got a powerful electric shock. He could turn on his electric current at will. He could break glass from a distance by focusing his mind, and then he would eat the glass pieces! There are many other amazing feats he could do, but it is not proper for me to reveal all.

He gave me a rosary bead and instructed me to recite one of the Beautiful Names of God ( al-Asma-ul Husna ) after every morning prayer, and to report to him if and when I received the instructions from God. I did so, and after one week, I received the instructions, not while I was on my prayer mat, but while I was driving! In the instructions, I was given certain knowledge about the nature of matter and quantum physics. So I promptly reported to the healer, and he confirmed that those were the right instructions. He said I was ready. I will leave the rest to your imagination. If I reveal too much many of you will not believe me.


For most people, it is necessary to do Qigong or other qi-enhancing exercises to start feeling the life-force. This can be described as a weak electro-magnetic sensation. If you have held two magnets with the like poles juxtaposed, you will know the feeling. Add to that the sensation of the smallest electric current, then you will get a better picture of how qi feels. The stronger your qi, the stronger is this electro-magnetic field. The sensation is strongest around your hands.
I have described several energy-enhancing gadgets in the previous two articles. These enhanced the electrical and/or magnetic energies of the body. Today I will share a few whole-body energizing methods which can complement your qi-enhancing exercises.


Unlike the magnetic mattress, which creates a magnetic field around the body, the Negative Ion Mattress creates a negative ion field when switched on. Negative ions play a very important role in our health. As explained in earlier articles ( see www.superqigong.com ), our cells have to maintain an electrical potential across their membranes, and electrons ( which carry a unit of negative charge ) are the reason behind electrical charges and magnetic fields ( a magnetic field is generated perpendicular to the flow of electrons ).

All the healthy places ( forests, waterfalls and springs ) have abundant negative ions. The fresh clean air after a thunderstorm is also rich in negative ions and oxygen. Many air-treatments gadgets ( and even air-conditioners ) release negative ions which will cause the positively-charged dust particles to clump together and settle, instead of polluting the air and posing a health hazard. You should have an ionizer for your car, your office and your home. If you find these health-enhancing, then an ionic mattress would make your health even better. I sleep on one that generates all the energies – heat, far infra-red (FIR), magnetic, electric and ionic.


To make sure that my body can fully recharge itself, I also sleep with a stream of oxygen/negative ion-enriched air ( using a small machine that concentrates oxygen from the room air while producing negative ions ) flowing right over my nose. That way I feel fully refreshed each morning.

This personal Oxygen Generator is portable, and can be brought out to the home lounge ( use while watching TV, reading or working on the computer ), to the office, or even to the gym to give you extra power and stamina while working on the treadmill or other exercise machines. You can breathe extra oxygen wherever you are, without having to bring an oxygen tank around.

In previous articles I have written about the benefits of oxygen and how you can make your own fresh super-oxygenated water ( 20 times the oxygen content of ordinary drinking water ). I have also written about energizing your drinking water. If you practise Qigong, you are inhaling qi-energy with every breath. So now you can breathe extra energy with oxygen, and drink it too!


Most of you are familiar with medical lasers, which are most famously used for skin treatments and rejuvenation. Lasers are also used in surgery, and of course there are many non-medical applications as well ( for example, in precision cutting in many industries ).

Four months ago I went to Italy to be trained in using laser to burn fat, and it is very popular, especially with women who always find it difficult to get the body shape they want. Laser-slimming is used to burn away stubborn fat deposits, and to “sculpture” the body. It is not for losing weight.

Another intriguing use of laser is to enhance the health of our blood cells directly. This is done by inserting a low-intensity laser probe into a vein. The laser energy will energize every cell that passes by, and the results can be seen immediately. Using live-blood microscopy ( fresh blood is examined under the microscope at very magnifications ), the behaviour of red blood cells can be seen to improve ( less clumping, thus exposing more surface area for oxygen exchange ) even after one treatment session. After several sessions, you will feel energized and notice improvements in your skin. Some have even reported their white hair becoming darker. Many have tried this innovative method to treat all types of diseases, or for rejuvenation. It is also being used by many cancer patients as an alternative or adjunct treatment. Results have been encouraging, though I am not aware of any large clinical studies done on this novel therapy.


From the cutting-edge hi-tech laser we return to the good old clay-pot. The Energy Chamber is a specially-made huge pot that can fit a person inside. It is made of clay rich in minerals which emit healing far infra-red rays. The design of the pot is such that the healing effect is maximized, and you can immerse your entire body in this healing chamber. If you do so over many times, it is claimed that your health will be much enhanced, and you may even recover from certain health problems. It is also effective for those who want to lose weight.


While I have described so many energy-enhancing methods, and encouraged you to practice Qigong, the basis of healthy living is still a healthy diet ( and a healthy lifestyle ). Our Health Ministry is earnestly campaigning for us Malaysians to improve our diet, and a major problem is the reluctance of our people to eat vegetables. I still see many adults not eating any vegetables at mealtimes, so how can we expect these people to ask their children to do so?

We are blessed with an abundance of succulent fruits and tasty veggies, which means we have the resources to prevent many diseases the natural way. Unfortunately, too many of us are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes which reflect a very poor diet and lifestyle ( eg. more than 50% of adult males smoke cigarettes, and most Malaysians do not exercise regularly ).

There have been many health campaigns, but we do not see good results. I suggest that the Ministers, MPs and community leaders lead by example and actually eat healthy meals and exercise enough so that they become trim and fit, and not just make a few jumps when they officiate these campaigns, and maintain their unhealthy diets and pot-bellied physiques after that.

The cost of treating illnesses and losses from reduced efficiency and inability to work is immense. The unhealthy individual ( and his family ) suffers, and so does the sick nation. As we celebrate our nation’s 49th Merdeka or birthday, I hope that health becomes a priority. At the moment, it seems that everyone is so busy making money to bother about health. Let us change before it is too late.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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