I am not an oncologist, but many cancer patients come to me for advice. Those who are in advanced stages come because medical treatment failed to cure them, while those just diagnosed with cancer often come seeking my opinion about radiotherapy and chemotherapy, because most of them would have one or both of these standard cancer therapies prescribed by their oncologists.

I do not interfere in their medical treatment, although my personal view is that both radiotherapy and chemotherapy work against the natural principles of healing in that they poison the healthy cells while trying to kill the cancer cells. I am sure the oncologists would prefer to use treatments which have no side-effects if these are available, but as at the moment, these are the best and most effective they have to offer. Fortunately, advances in medical science have meant more precise targeting of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, causing less harm to the non-cancerous body tissues.

Whatever medical treatment the patient undergoes, my holistic prescription remains the same, because it is aimed at empowering the body’s defences to fight and win over the cancer cells. However, those who have undergone radiotherapy, and especially chemotherapy, will take a longer time to see results as they will have to recover from the poisoning of their bodies first.

For the benefit of those who have not met me, I will share briefly some of my advice to those who did.


For those who believe in God, or at least in spirituality and the Law of Karma, I remind them that everything has a spiritual reason, and ultimately, a spiritual solution. For Believers, it is important to understand that God is indeed Most Compassionate, and that their affliction with cancer ( or being saddled by all sorts of problems, be they health, financial, relationship or others ) is fully in the knowledge and control of God Most Wise. It is by His Wisdom and Permission that whatever happens to anyone at any moment does so.

To the Believer, the aim of life is not to live long, but to live a life that pleases the Creator. And one of God’s commandments is that we must lead healthy lives, and eat healthy foods; and if we fall sick, go find a cure! So it is our spiritual duty to seek remedies for any sickness that befalls the physical body that clothes the spirit. Any illness, and any problem, is a spiritual test. We are to find a permissible solution, pray for Divine intervention ( God is the real Healer, the doctors and the treatments are His means ), and then trust God’s judgement and decision on the matter. Even prophets have to suffer and die. Those with advanced cancer and facing the prospect of death need to grasp this so that they can cast the heavy burden off their shoulders. If you have tried your best according to God’s guidelines, and accept your destiny, then you can leave this world smiling.

For some like me, life on earth is only a prelude for the real eternal life in the Hereafter. For others, life is an endless cycle of rebirths until one reaches Nirvana or Moksha. In either case, a spiritually good life would mean a better outcome in the next life. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, or live long or not. What matters is how you manage your life with all the duties and responsibilities; and all the trials and tribulations, including being afflicted with illness and cancer.

For the atheists, life on the earth is all there is. So whatever is your belief system, finding a cure for diseases and cancer is important. Living a healthy lifestyle to prevent them is even better.


I have written many articles about the power of qi ( life-force ) in preventing and fighting cancer ( see www.superqigong.com ). For those already diagnosed with cancer, they should not waste any time. Learn and practise Guolin Qigong (also known as “anti-cancer qigong”) as much as possible. Whenever I give talks on the benefits of Qigong, I would show the video-clip of an independent documentary on the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club which documents cases of terminal cancer patients who recovered after their doctors had given up on them. They all attributed their recovery to qigong.

Again, prevention is better than cure. For those who do not have cancer, be forewarned that 1 in 4 of us will end up with cancer. If you do not want to be one of them, I advise that you learn and practise qigong. Any form is beneficial, and each style has its unique benefits. SuperQigong is my set of exercises aimed at preventing or reversing most of the diseases associated with aging. It includes the Amazing Qigong Walk, which is the main anti-cancer qigong exercise.

While qi is the all-encompassing healing energy, there are gadgets that feed the body with various types of electromagnetic energies that are beneficial, and can supplement the qi in between the qigong exercises. My last 3 articles were devoted to describing these gadgets. And there were other electrical gadgets described in earlier articles.

The healthy cells have an electrical potential across their membranes ( about -70mV ), but unhealthy cells have weakened charges. Cancer cells have significantly reduced potential ( about half ).


According to Nobel Laureate Dr Otto Warburg, cancer develops when the normal aerobic cellular respiration is replaced by an anaerobic one ( without oxygen ). Conversely, it is generally known that high oxygen availability promotes healthy cell growth and function.

With the steady decline in the cleanliness and oxygen content of our air and water, it has become necessary to look for ways to increase the oxygen delivery to our cells. This is particularly important for cancer patients. I recommend breathing an oxygen stream from a portable personal oxygen generator ( oxygen is concentrated from the ambient air, with added negative ions which are also health-enhancing ). This is beneficial also for general health, especially for those with lung diseases like asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Our body is about 60-70% water ( less with age ), and our cells are 90% water. If the water is fully saturated with oxygen, it can serve as an additional oxygen source for the cells, especially when the cells are oxygen-starved, as in cancer. Even our red blood cells, which are the main oxygen-delivery system in the body, float on plasma which is 99% water. If the plasma itself is oxygen-rich, then there is also direct diffusion of oxygen to the tissues in addition to that supplied by the RBCs. The best way to charge the body water with oxygen is to drink freshly-made super-oxygenated water, which has more than 20 times the oxygen content of ordinary drinking water. This is only possible by using a stainless-steel oxygen flask ( Oxywell ) which utilises medical-grade pure oxygen supplied in mini-cartridges.

Aerobics exercises, by definition, increase the body’s utilization of oxygen, while improving cardiovascular health. This will help everyone, including cancer patients. However, most patients with advanced cancer are weak, and are able to do only mild exercises, like walking. If so, they should walk as briskly as their condition allows.

Qigong exercise is ideal, as those tailored to fight cancer are gentle and non-tiring. Qigong has been shown to increase oxygen-utilization by the body, not by increasing the heart-rate and circulation, but by the practice of conscious-breathing, where the mind is fully aware of each breath, which is taken in a relaxed, orderly manner.


Since water is such a major and important component of the body, it must play a role in fighting cancer too. Nowadays, drinking water is not just simply turning on the tap. In fact, most of us will not do that but instead will only drink treated bottled water, or from a home water treatment system. For health and fighting cancer, I recommend treated water that is purified, sterile, alkaline ( all natural healing waters are alkaline ), ionised, energized ( possible in various ways ), with small molecular structure ( nano or micro-clustered ). The best water also has high redox potential, that is, it also helps fight free-radicals which cause diseases and cancer.

We need 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day for good health. In hot weather, and if you exercise a lot, you need even more. If you drink polluted water from the tap, you are adding to your health problems, but if you carefully choose your drinking water to have all the properties mentioned above, then each gulp brings healing. It is even more so if you drink fruit and vegetable juices so that you get lots of healing nutrients as you hydrate your body. That is the basis of the Gerson Therapy for cancer, where the importance of getting in the maximum nutrients is so critical that drinking plain water is NOT allowed! Although I am not that strict, I do encourage cancer patients to take as much fruits and veggies ( whole or as juices ), which are the basis of my nutritional prescription. I will continue with nutrition and other topics in future articles.


Most of you may not know that the late Buddhist Chief High Priest Ven. Rev. Dr Dhammananda was my godfather. He was my mentor and guide in my interfaith work, being an adviser of INSAF ( Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship ), of which I am Chairman. He was a beacon of light and a pillar of strength for those who desire peace and harmony among the religions. He treated me like a son, and whenever I visited him at the Buddhist Vihara, he would allow me to do my Muslim prayer in his own bedroom. He supplied me with Sufi books, and always had gifts for my wife. We both had fun in surprising our Buddhist audiences when he would declare that he had a Muslim son, and on other occasions I would tell them that their Chief Priest was actually my father!

In spite of having cancer, he continued his good work to the end. His life must have been one of the most productive 87 years anyone could have lived. He was very caring and loving. The immense benefits he brought to his community and country will be long remembered. May his soul rest in Peace.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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