Recently I went to the funeral of my former patient. She died at 35 years old from the ravages of breast cancer, which she had been suffering from for the last 5 years. I was her obstetrician, but she never sought my advice about her cancer. When I returned to my clinic, another patient related to me that two of her friends, both in their thirties, have breast cancer.

This is the unfortunate reality with breast cancer in our country. More women are getting it, and at a younger age too. The current advice is that women should go for mammograms from the age of 40, ( 35 for those with a family history of breast cancer ) but it is obvious that this is meaningless to those who will get their breast cancer ( and some dying from it ) in their thirties. In fact, I am aware of several patients with breast cancer who are in their twenties!

So all women should have regular breast self-examinations ( BSE ) after their monthly menses, and should have breast examination done by their doctors as part of their annual medical and gynecological check-up. My advice is that from the age of 30, they should start doing EIT ( Electrical Impedance Tomography ) breast screening. Exactly one year ago I wrote about Fighting Breast Cancer ( see ) and introduced EIT to readers. EIT is a safe, convenient, comfortable and relatively cheap way to screen for breast cancer. Should any abnormality be found, the doctor may recommend further testing with ultrasound, or mammogram, which is still the most accurate. If necessary, combining all 3 methods will give the best results. Mammograms are not encouraged as regular screening for younger women because of the radiation exposure.

All the above screening tests do not prevent breast cancer, but only help detect it early. Early detection would also mean early treatment, and a better prognosis. While better awareness and early detection and treatment have somewhat improved marginally the survival rates from breast cancer ( and other cancers as well ), the number of cancer cases keep rising relentlessly

So we must continue to find ways to prevent and treat cancer more effectively.

My last five articles were about fighting cancer, and the main reason for devoting my time to teaching qigong is to inform people that qigong can cure cancer. I have an independent documentary on the Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club to prove this claim. And if qigong can reverse even terminal cancer, it can certainly prevent it. There is no scientific study on this second claim, but it makes sense.

I have also done a lot of research on the role of the various types of energy on life; on health and healing; on using energy-detection methods to diagnose health problems and diseases; and especially on the possible role of using energy as a weapon against cancer. Radiotherapists are already using radioactive energy to kill cancer cells, but like chemotherapy, this is also harmful to the rest of the body. I am talking about safe forms of energy, like qi ( life-force ), which is the reason why those who practise enough qigong can even cure themselves of cancer.

But it takes a lot of discipline and dedication to learn, and then practise qigong consistently. For patients with advanced cancer who hope to cure themselves through qigong, they need to start with four hours a day ( divided into several sessions ). So I have to keep on searching for ways that can help those who have yet to discover the healing power of qigong, or those who already know but do not have the discipline to learn and practise it. Then there are many cancer patients who discover qigong too late, when they have already given up hope and are not prepared to spend hours doing the Amazing Qigong Walk!


Do you believe that a goldfish can be kept in a sealed glass bottle filled with water, without food or oxygen, for up to five months? This is what I discovered recently, although that knowledge is known for many years by those who are aware of the health and healing power of energized water. I know a lot about energized water, and have written several articles on the various types of energized water, and the wonders they can do, including making fresh water fish survive in sea-water ( and vice-versa ), and making sea-water usable for crop irrigation. But even I was surprised that energized water can sustain a goldfish for up to five months without food and oxygen.

If you think that there is enough oxygen in the water, remember that a goldfish in a sealed plastic bag or container ( used for transporting the fish ) will go belly up from oxygen-starvation after just several hours. To increase the duration of survival, oxygen is usually pumped into the bag or container. Without additional oxygen, the fish in a sealed small container with little or no air usually dies after just four hours. It may survive a day or two in larger containers, until the dissolved oxygen is depleted.

Thus it is scientifically impossible to explain this phenomenon. Until scientists understand qi, this fact will remain a scientific mystery.

The goldfish experiment above was done using pi-water. Pi-water was introduced by Dr. Akihiro Yamashita (a Professor at the Agricultural Department, Nagoya University) in 1964. Since then, many studies have been done on pi-water with amazing results. Pi-water has characteristics very similar to our body fluid ( the intercellular water that our cells “float” in ). It is created by adding Ferric Ferrous Salt (Fe2Fe3) to water through ceramics. When Fe2Fe3 is added to ordinary tap water, it quickly breaks down the chlorine and other contaminants. Pi-water is ionic and suppresses excess free radicals, and also breaks down the water clusters to much smaller sizes which become well-structured. Pi-water absorbs more oxygen, and when tested with dowsing rods, pi-water also shows a very high energy content.

All that is enough to explain why the fish seems to be more active and lively in pi-water. But to survive five months without food and oxygen? This must mean that there is a continuous supply of energy being made available to the fish to enable it to obviate the need for energy from food, and the need for oxygen to fire-up the cellular metabolic combustion ( cellular respiration ) that would make the food-energy available for living. The only other important life-protecting ingredients missing are the nutrients required for good health and fighting disease. Thus the fish cannot be expected to live longer. Even then, five months is amazing enough.

Scientific principles dictate that the energy contained in a closed compartment is finite. The fish is expending energy as it lives and swims. Because the fish has to continually swim, the energy it carries in its body will not last more than 1 week without eating food. There must be energy coming from outside. Pi-water scientists postulated that the specially-treated ceramics is able to absorb life-enhancing energy from the surrounding. This is qi, the life-giving and health-enhancing energy of the universe.

I am currently repeating the experiment using pi-water made with my Qi-disc, which is only 5 cm in diameter and 1 cm thick, so I can bring it with me and drink pi-water wherever I go. I am also testing various types of energized water. Not all “pi-water” available commercially are actually pi-water! If you want to do the experiment, please do not allow the fish to die. As soon as you see signs of oxygen-starvation ( frequent trips to the water surface to gasp for air; weakness; and finally belly-up ), please stop the experiment and revive the fish by bubbling in oxygen. Once it is revived, start feeding it.

Imagine if you make this energy also available to your cells. Instead of being tired ( like how you feel most of the time ), you can expect to be energetic. If you believe that qi, harnessed through the practice of qigong or other mind-body exercises, can improve health and prevent or reverse diseases, then it is reasonable to expect that drinking pi-water can help your cells absorb qi from the universe and make you healthier too. If you drink pi-water and practise qigong, your qi-absorbing rate will be very much enhanced. If you also eat nutritious food and breathe clean air ( which the fish in the experiment did not get ), you can expect to be healthy, recover from disease, and live longer.


How would you know if your organs and systems are really healthy? Conventional medical tests, including blood tests, usually indicate health problems only after our cells or organs have failed to do their work properly, and some abnormalities in the bio-chemical or hormonal levels result. When symptoms appear, it may be too late.

By testing for aberrations in the energy levels in the organs or systems, we are able to pick up potential problems earlier. And since the cells, organs and systems work best when everything is right – enough qi, oxygen, water, caloric fuel, hormones, nutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, pH ( acidity ), ions, temperature, electrical charge, etc – any method that can detect more of these factors will give a better estimate of the health of the body. And if the method is non-invasive, safe, convenient and inexpensive, that would make it ideal.

I have written about many diagnostic machines that claim to diagnose the health status of the organs or systems, and have mentioned ESG ( ElectroSomatoGram or ElectroScanGram ) before. Now that we have to find easier ways to improve our health and fight cancer and diseases, it helps to have a simple way to monitor our health too. There are elaborate computerized machines that take 1 or 2 hours to compute your energy and health levels, and there are simpler gadgets that quickly diagnose but do not have third-party confirmation of their accuracy. There are also “aura” cameras which often give so many different readings each time you take your aura photograph.

The ESG “scans” your body in just two minutes and evaluates the functional state of the organs and systems in the body using bio-electrical conductivity and neurophysiology parameters. There is no radiation involved. You just stand and put your bare hands and feet on the designated metal plates. If any treatment is necessary, you can ascertain the effectiveness of your treatment by having a repeat scan.

The ESG does a thorough evaluation of your central nervous system – your brain and your spinal cord. It analyses the workings of the major functional parts of the brain, and even every vertebra in your spinal column.

The flow of qi in the body depends a lot on the spine, as this is the site of the posterior qi-channel of what is called the microcosmic orbit. Many people suffer from blockages and have back problem, even when orthopedic examinations reveal no abnormalities. Since the ESG gives a functional analysis of the spinal cord, emerging nerves, as well as the vertebrae, the analysis has good correlation with qi flow.

Studies using the ESG were done at French hospitals and found to be highly accurate. It has good predictive and preventive value as many conventional medical equipments and tests can diagnose only when damage has occurred. Although it is not used to diagnose any particular disease, it gives a good evaluation of your health based on many of the parameters listed above. That will allow you to take corrective measures even before the problem translates to actual biochemical changes in your blood, and well before symptoms appear.

I hope my discussion on pi-water and ESG will benefit every one who is determined to be healthy. You can now drink qi-absorbing water, and regularly scan yourself to make sure you are OK. May you be healthy always.


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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