In a recent article I introduced psycho-neuro-energetics (PNE) – the science of the inter-relationships of the mind, the nervous system and the energies in your body; how the workings of your mind affect the energy balance and health of your organs; and conversely how your energy status reflects on your state-of-mind, emotions, behaviour, character, and health. Today I introduce to you a remarkable computerized gadget that reads your energy fields and informs you of your character, emotions, energy levels and health status.

I have mentioned several machines and equipments in previous articles, and in my research in the field of energy and health, I have discovered many more machines and equipments that are very interesting, to say the least.


I had the opportunity to test the NES ( Nutri-Energetics System ) computerized diagnostic machine while conducting a stress management seminar for a large corporation recently. Through a metal plate on which the subject places his/her palm, the NES machine reads your body’s “Quantum Electro-Dynamic” energy fields (QED) in 2 seconds flat, and gives a comprehensive readout of your energy balance which is then interpreted by a trained NES practitioner.

I tested the accuracy of the machine on the 40 participants at the stress management seminar. They were asked to estimate their level of stress on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being most stressed. The group as a whole averaged about 6 on this self-evaluation exercise. Amazingly, when put through the NES machine, the group average was also about 6! Of course there were individual variances in the self-estimation and the actual stress-reading given by the machine. The machine also differentiated between acute and chronic stress. Some of those who had the opportunity to have a more detailed analysis of their reading found the accuracy uncanny.

Previously, I explained the usefulness of the ESG ( Electro-Somato-Gram or Electro-Scan-Gram ) in predicting the health of the different organ systems. It also reads the palms ( latest model also reads the soles ).

The NES is most useful for behavioural evaluation. It can detect the toxic effect of individual agents ( eg. antibiotics, viruses, bacteria, fungi, chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, radiation, etc. ); the effects of individual nutrients on the body; and also allergies. Although it does give a reading of the energy balance of the different organs, I am most impressed by its ability to evaluate the mental functions and emotional state. In my opinion, NES should mean Neuro-Energetic System, because its evaluation of the workings of the mind and nervous system is more impressive than the evaluation of the nutritional status.


Because the diagnosis is based on a complex computation of the energy fields, the inventors have concocted a series of therapeutic solutions as remedy for whatever inbalances and diseases that result from these deficient, aberrant or damaged energy fields. Just as a mirror image of a sound wave can cancel out that sound, so the right energy field can be defined and programmed to rectify any abnormal or weak energy field. It is all about the science of resonance and dissonance. The data of selected energy fields are encoded in liquid or sugar balls, much like homeopathic remedies. Since these remedies carry therapeutic information, they are called “infoceuticals”, and are claimed to be helpful in alleviating many health, emotional and behavioural problems.


We are all familiar with palmistry. The best palmist can tell so many things about you, your past, your present, and even predict your future. That the palms do indicate your health and behaviour is scientifically justified. For example, one of the common features of Down’s Syndrome children is that they have a single palmar crease ( the main transverse crease on the palm ). Even their fingers tend to be short.

All the palmar lines are genetically determined, but are modified by other factors, including upbringing and conditioning. Identical twins share the same physical and ( less so ) character, but they are definitely different spiritual individuals. While identical twins have exactly the same physical features, their palmar lines and finger-prints differ. Hence their fate and destiny may slowly diverge and be poles apart. However, there have been many documented cases where the genetic influence was so strong that the identical twins living far apart ( and not aware of each other ) were found to have married on the same day, to spouses with the same name, and had so many similarities in their lives, even using the same brand of toothpaste!

The subtle changes that occur to the pattern of palmar lines throughout your life are in response to the changes in your energy fields. At birth, we inherited the energy field from the union of our parents’ germinative cells ( ovum and spermatozoon ). Every egg and sperm is unique and their union results in a unique individual ( from the events at meiosis or sexual division giving rise to germinative cells and their subsequent union or fertilization, giving rise to a unique set of genes ). Accompanying the genes is a complex fusion of energies that will be intimately involved in the rapid development of the zygote, embryo, fetus, and ( after birth ) the child. The most important of these energies is qi – the life force.

Just as qi is essential to start life, it continues to be crucial in powering the cell divisions and differentiation. The genes carry the instructions, but it is the qi that gives “life” and “intelligence” to the RNA and enzymes to do their duties in translating and transcripting the genetic information to enable the cell to function, grow and become specialized cells.
The end result is a supremely complex organism that is you and I. And the ramifications of the energy systems and energy channels have also become very complex.

One such system which is widely understood by Chinese traditional medicine is the meridians or system of qi-channels. Made up of 12 main meridians, the systems supplies and supports all the important organ systems of the body. Many of these pass though the hands and palms, which in turn has many of the important meridian or acupuncture points, which are points functioning as qi-gateways, and when stimulated correctly, will give heightened qi-supply to the organs they nourish. Scientific studies on these points have shown that they have different electrical impedance/conductivity compared to other areas.

There are other energy systems operating in the body, apart from the burning of calories from food. The human body also functions on various other types of electromagnetic energy.

As explained in previous articles ( see ), all the energy and other systems in the body are ultimately controlled by the mind, with the brain as the physical hardware. So whatever is shown in your palms, actually originates in your mind. If you change your thinking, you can change your lines, and your fate!

It is not surprising that a reading of the palm, either by an expert palmist or a sophisticated computer program, can elucidate so much information. While the palmist reads the lines, the shapes and the geography of the hands and palms, the computer reads the energy and electrical behaviour at various points.


Many of you may have had the opportunity to be tested by the bio-photonic scanner, which measures the level of carotenoids in your palm, which in turn gives an idea of the overall antioxidant status of your body. It is a useful tool to monitor your health and diet, in particular, your defence against damaging free radicals, and also the effectiveness of your antioxidant supplements ( provided they contain carotenoids ).

The Whole-Life Bio-Photonic diagnostic machine is a different machine which analyses your hair, saliva, finger nails and palm prints ( and finger prints too ) to predict in greater detail your health, nutritional status, allergies, toxicity, emotions and character. From the list, the diagnostic applications are similar to NES, but it is more comprehensive, and also much more expensive. It can be used by parents and educators to help nurture their children’s behaviour and education, as the character analysis will help them understand the children’s attitudes and aptitudes.

There are many other exciting machines I have yet to study. On thing for sure, these machines can objectively analyze us and give reports without any bias. We are sometimes the worse judges of ourselves. Often it takes others to point out our deficiencies, or imperfections in our emotions and characters. But people are also subjective, and influenced by many factors which may prevent them from conveying their actual assessment of our characters.

So, do you really know yourself? Why not let the computer tell you who you really are!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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