One of the most amazing phenomena I have ever come across is that of the Akashic records or Nadi astrology. Akashic records are records of your life – past, present and future, written by sages ( Siddhas ) over 2,000 years ago. The records are written on wooden Nadi “leaves” and are read by trained readers.

Some of you may have seen the documentary on Discovery Channel about the young man who had his Akashic records read, and how he ( and everyone else who saw the documentary ) was amazed that the records had his name, his parents’ names, his wife’s name, and that he was having marital problems at the time of the reading ( his wife actually had filed for divorce before he left for India for the reading ).

My first exposure to this was 9 years ago, when I first met my Kundalini Master Jagathguru Guru Mahan Paranjothiar ( during his visit to Kuala Lumpur.

I actually did not know what to expect, as I only went there to pay my respects to a great spiritual master. Before meeting Guruji, I was asked to meet Mr Swaminathan, one of his disciples.


Mr Swaminathan is a gifted Uir Nadi reader. When the “reading” started, the subject’s Akashic records would appear in Ancient Tamil on a shiny metal plate, but only he could see the writings! Even though he could speak English very well, in order not to disturb his concentration and flow, he had another disciple acting as interpreter for me.

When he started reading my past, it was all accurate. That was a prelude so that there was reason to believe what was written about the future. And when the reading of my future was done, I was stunned. After the reading, Mr Swaminathan kissed my hand and called me “Guruji”!

When I was introduced to the real Guruji, he surprised me and his senior disciples who were in the room when he said that he had traveled the whole world looking for me. When I told him that just six months previously my Sufi master had come all the way from New York also looking for me ( I had not known either of them before ) to tell me about my spiritual mission, he smiled and said that they both received instructions from the same GOD! Both of them also said that my son will continue my spiritual work. My son’s name is exactly the same as my first Sufi shaykh’s, Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani.


Many years later, my fascination with this subject was rekindled after seeing the Discovery Channel documentary, and I decided to investigate further. The Nadi reader featured in the documentary is Mr Tharanibalan from Thiruchi, South India. I was fortunate enough to meet his student, Mr Ramesh, for a reading as I wanted to see for myself whether what was shown on the documentary was true for everyone. And I was not disappointed.

It took over 1½ hours just to select my Nadi leaf. This was done through a process of elimination. When the correct leaf was found, what it contained was astounding. To give you some idea, I will reveal the parts that are not too embarrassing!

It gave my birth date and time correctly, and even my age at the time of the reading.

It had my name ( according to birth certificate ), my parents’ names, and my wife’s name; my occupation, my wife’s occupation and my parents’ occupations; all my siblings, and whether they are married, divorced, and have children or not. It said correctly that I have 3 daughters and 1 son.

It said that my thumb carries a mark that signifies that I am a follower of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ), but I have knowledge of other religions. Rich and famous people will soon help me in my interfaith work.

It correctly said that I have two higher degrees and that I am giving a lot of talks and lectures now.

It also correctly stated that I had undergone an operation below the stomach ( I had appendectomy 17 years ago ) and that I have not had any health problems since then.

It said that I will do a lot of traveling and pilgrimages, and that through my writings I will reveal secrets to my readers.

A lot more was told about my future but that is confidential!


The Siddhas even “spoke” to me through the leaf. They said:

” You will be astonished by our powers. You will be seeking knowledge about Siddhas and be blessed. You may be a Muslim, but you are fated to know all these. You will get more knowledge and become like a Siddha yourself. You will get very clear high-level knowledge in your mind. You will discover a lot of truths, and will encounter a lot of surprises. You are fated to know secrets. You were born into this world to know the Truth “.

Wow. What can I say? My journey has just begun, and I will continue to share snippets of it with my readers.

It was explained to me that from the time of creation, everything already had its energy imprint, and that the Siddhas had knowledge of this imprint and were able to know almost everything about every individual ever born and to be born into this world. We are all aware of some psychics who can access information about a person or a past event by just holding an article belonging to that person, or by being at the site of the event. There is even a series on TV about psychic detectives. Just recently, my article in this column was entitled Everything is Energy ( see for previous articles ).

Akasha actually means the inner mind or superconscious realm that merges with the cosmic realm which contains all the information about the past, present and future. The Siddhas had the ability to access this information by their faith and practices.

As a Muslim, this is not foreign to me, as GOD had told the Prophet ( peace be upon him ): ‘ When My servants are close to Me, then My ears become their ears, and My eyes become their eyes..” ( from Hadis Qudsi ), meaning that those who are close to GOD will have access to knowledge that is not available to others.

In energy healing, nadi refers to the channels through which the life-force ( prana or qi ) flows, interspersed by the chakras ( energy centres ). It is estimated that there are about 72,000 nadis traversing the inner body.

The Nadi leaves referred here are the channels of information to the entire human race. If people take the good advice, they can live in peace and harmony. So the Nadi leaves are important for the health of humanity, since they carry advices and remedies for our physical, emotional and spiritual problems.

Muslims are not allowed to go to fortune tellers because we are to do our best, pray for divine assistance, and then accept that whatever happens is predetermined, and good in the eyes of GOD. To go to fortune tellers may cause the person to believe absolutely in what is being predicted, at the risk of losing sight of the fact that it is GOD who determines everything, including our future. And GOD can change the future.

Muslims are told that GOD will only change the fate of those who do good and strive to improve their situation. This means that whatever is written is still subject to the Almighty’s intervention. The Siddhas teach that fate is the result of karma, but karmic fate can be changed by penitence, charity and good deeds.

The subject of fate and destiny is something very complex and confusing to most. While everything is already written down, not everything is revealed by GOD, even to the Prophets, Saints, and Siddhas. With His permission, these chosen people do get accurate information about the future, and the information can be in detail. That is why all Prophets made prophesies, as part of the signs of prophethood, and as guidance and warnings to their followers and all mankind. The Saints and Siddhas are also given similar gifts of prophesy, although at a less significant level and power compared to prophets.

There are fortune tellers, psychics, clairvoyants, modern-day “prophets”, bomohs, sinsehs and other traditional soothsayers who predict and prophesize with varying accuracies. Their source is the lowest realm of the cosmic database. Some even predict “4-digit” numbers accurately, which goes to show that this realm is accessible to anyone who ventures in, for good use or for gambling and black magic. It is also the realm that dark spirits have easy access to.

Akashic records are at a higher realm, available only to those who are destined to know their future. If you go for your reading, be assured, your record is there. If you never go for your reading, be assured, the Siddhas did not waste their time writing about someone who was never going to have his record read. Even childrens’ records are read by their parents in preparation for their future upbringing. There have been over 10 billion humans since the first man ( Adam for some of us ), and the Siddhas have written for all those who will go to have their readings done, until the end of time.

The science of astrology is not based on assessing these information libraries, but is based on established knowledge about the influence of the planetary bodies at the time of birth of the person. The best astrologers can also predict your future with uncanny accuracy, as some of you may have known.

In my own investigations, I found out that some of them are really good, but nobody came close to the details given by the Akashic records.

The Siddhas are also the guardians of Siddha Medicine, one of the three traditional medical practices recognized by the Indian government ( the others are Ayurveda, the ancient health and healing philosophy and practice based on Vedic sciences; and Unani, the youngest, which is actually Greek medicine practised by Arab/Muslims and staying faithful to the Hippocratic dictum to let food be our medicine, and medicine be our food, and to religious commandments ).

There are experienced Siddha physicians here in Malaysia and recently, they hosted the world congress of Siddha Medicine. I will study this fascinating field and report to you from time to time.

Nadi leaves
Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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