As we welcome 2008, I feel very happy and enthusiastic that my faith in GOD’s promise – that HE has made the cure for every disease, is coming to fruition. There are many previously untreatable diseases that are becoming treatable by various methods, and those that are not cured by modern medicine can be helped by other therapies like qigong. Although there are still many diseases that are classified as “incurable”, the list will gradually shorten as we do more research not only into conventional medicine, but also into complementary medicine, traditional medicine, energy healing and nutritional healing.

I have previously described how Sifu Tan and his Shaolin Zi Fa Self-Healing Qigong helped patients recover fully from long-standing stroke; avoid dialysis after kidney failure; and drastically reduced the dosages of hypertension and anti-cholesterol drugs. Today I shall relate more such stories of patients who have benefited from it, after modern medicine could not offer them any further improvements. I hope these stories will encourage those with similar problems to try qigong healing and regain their health to be as near normal as possible.


Amy is 51 years old and suffered from arthritis. She had severe pains in all joints, especially the fingers and knees, and sought treatment from doctors and traditional healers. The problem did not resolve and caused much anxiety to her, and also to the family. She had to depend on drugs to control her pain and stiffness.

It was only after 10 years of suffering when she heard about Sifu Tan and started the qigong treatment sessions. After 1 month, the joints felt less painful and less stiff, and after 3 months the pain and stiffness completely disappeared.

Now after 3 years of practicing qigong, she has never had to take any medication for joint pains, leads a very active life and feels strong and energetic. Even her friends have commented that she looks younger and more radiant than she was 10 years ago.


Mr Ngo is 42 years old. He had polio when he was 7 years old, which caused his left leg to be atrophied and weak. As a result, he had difficulty walking, and especially getting up from sitting or squatting. To make matters worse, his weight also ballooned to 90kg.

Three years ago he started the qigong treatment sessions with Sifu Tan. Within 1 month he was able to feel the power returning to his left leg, and was able to squat and stand up easily. After 6 months of dedicated practice, his left leg became much stronger, and he also lost 5 kg of weight. Now, even though he still walks with a slight limp, he is strong, and is able to feel, control and direct qi to any part of his body.


Annie, who is 42 years old, had severely injured her back 15 years ago while walking in the snow in England. As a result, she suffered from severe headaches and back pain. The medical specialists did numerous tests, X-rays and scans and prescribed her many painkillers. However, the severe headaches and chronic back pain persisted, and were often intolerable, in spite of the drugs.

In desperation, she tried waitankung and yoga, but there was no improvement.

Then 3 years ago, she was introduced to Sifu Tan. After several qigong treatment sessions, she began to feel better. Encouraged by this, she also practised a lot by herself and was overjoyed when just after 3 months of treatment and self-practice, all her headaches and back pain were gone! You can imagine how grateful she is to have a life free of the severe headaches and back pain.


Yvonne is 32 years and suffered from classic migraine for nearly 10 years. It began during her pregnancy when she was 20, and persisted since then. She would get frequent severe headaches accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and loss of color vision. She would also get shoulder pain, and the headache was so severe that she had to take many drugs prescribed by the doctors.

Barely 1 month after starting qigong treatment sessions with Sifu Tan, the headaches disappeared, but she noticed that there would recur if she skipped the sessions for more than 2 weeks. When she became more consistent in attending the sessions, and also in her self-practice, the headaches never came back.


Mr Yoon is 65 years old and was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes in December 2006. Surgery was done in the same month, and he was told that he would recover in 1 to 3 months.

Unfortunately, after the recovery period, his eyes were still bloodshot and he still could hardly see anything. He was referred to other specialists. After further tests, he was told that he could recover very slowly, but he should be prepared for the worst – no improvement at all. Hence, he became anxious and depressed.

A friend persuaded him to try qigong treatment by Sifu Tan, which he did in March 2007. He was not a dedicated patient and practised the Self-Healing Qigong only once a week, even though he was supposed to do it daily. Yet, after 1 month, he started to feel definite improvement. After 2 months, the doctors told him his eyesight had improved by 50%. He became more disciplined in his qigong practice and by August, just 5 months after starting qigong healing, his eyesight was totally restored.

Now he can even read without glasses, and only needs them for night-driving. His general health has also improved tremendously, plus there is an unexpected bonus – since after 2 months of qigong, his white hair started becoming darker!


Tee is a pleasant young boy of 12 who has cerebral palsy related to oxygen-deprivation during his birth. From 8 months, he started having fits, and his parents sought treatment from many doctors and traditional healers. He also had severe paresis ( weakening ) of his left arm and leg, which were also devoid of sensation. He was put on regular drugs and injections prescribed by the doctors. However, his fits and paresis persisted in spite of all the treatments.

Three years ago, he started qigong treatment with Sifu Tan. After several healing sessions, his health started to improve, the fits became less frequent and his limbs became stronger. For the first time he could lift his arm above his head. The doctors were also able to reduce his drugs.

Unfortunately, the family stopped his treatment sessions too soon. After about 1 year of stopping, sometime in June last year, he lapsed into a continuous fit, after which his whole body remained stiff for 4 hours, and eyeballs rolled up. Since he was already on medication, the family decided to call Sifu Tan for help. After about 5 minutes of receiving qi from Sifu Tan, his body and eyes relaxed and he started breathing normally. He also released a lot of wind from his belly. The treatment lasted for nearly an hour before he fully recovered, though feeling totally exhausted.

Since then he has recommenced regular twice-weekly healing sessions and there has been no repeat incident. Sifu Tan complains that Tee is lazy to practise on his own and so his recovery is slower than what is maximally possible. Sifu Tan has already transmitted so much qi to him, so much so that now Sifu Tan can easily control Tee’s movements, even from far away, and from behind closed doors.

This story illustrates that for certain problems the treatment needs to be continued for several years, and the patient himself must do his part.


The different stories I have told above show that there is hope for all those people burdened by similar or other chronic health problems. Even cancer patients can hope for recovery with Guolin Qigong or other styles (see previous stories in However, I must confess that I cannot say the same for AIDS patients yet. Nonetheless, I believe we will find the cure for AIDS one day.

The stories above refer only to qigong as the healing method. I am also a promoter of nutritional healing, and a believer in many types of alternative/complementary therapies. Most importantly though, I am firmly grounded in modern medicine – not necessarily in the drugs and other treatments that conventional doctors use as first choice, but in the scientific understanding of health and disease, and the evidence-based approach it has imbued me with.

This year I hope to share more of the natural and nutritional therapies available for all sorts of health problems, especially those that are “incurable” by modern medicine. My main target is of course cancer, because we are losing the battle despite all the billions spent on research to fight this scourge. Diabetes is devil #2 awaiting my scrutiny. And there’s hypertension, obesity and many more. There is so much more work to be done!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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