Today I take a respite from the controversy of cancer therapy and will share with you about something we can all agree about – that sex is good for you! But first, the bad news.


Every year the surveys show that Malaysians ( like most Asians ) fair very poorly when it comes to sex. We make love almost 50% less often than the top European countries, and complain that sex becomes very much less exciting as we grow older. At one time Malaysians were the top users of Viagra in the world, which shows that many Malaysian men “tak boleh” ( cannot ) perform on their own. Most embarrassing is that in the 2005 Durex Sex Survey, Malaysians said that the toilet was their favourite place to have sex!

Of the 10 worst lovers, consistently most are Asians (countries). In Hong Kong, men are too busy making money to bother about sex.

There are many reasons for this. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed with the need to earn more money. Some have two jobs, and both the men and women work long hours to keep up with their expenses. The modern lifestyle means that we have to earn more because we have to spend more! Everyone is much more stressed than before. Even the internet has robbed us of many hours of time that could otherwise be spent making love!

There is not much time for rest, recreation, being with loved ones and the family, and also little time for sex and romance. Poor diet and lifestyle, with lack of exercise, make the matter worse. So many of us have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and lack energy. All these health problems lead to poor libido (desire), frigidity, erectile dysfunction, impotency, premature ejaculation and frustration.

As men get older and unhealthier, their desire diminishes, and many lose the ability to have good, lasting erections. Many more suffer from premature ejaculation. Many younger women suffer from lack of libido, and many become disinterested in sex after menopause.

So even if there is time for sex, many men and women have either lost their libido or cannot perform properly, and therefore don’t enjoy sex fully.


What can you do to recharge your sex life and recover your youthful libido and performance?

Taking care of your diet and weight, managing time, work and stress, and regular exercise are some obvious steps you should take. For ageing men and women, sex hormones may need to be taken. But these may not be enough to quickly restore your libido and sexual energy. Since sexual energy is a form of qi ( life force ), one sure way is to practise qigong.

Ever wonder how the old Chinese Emperors satisfied their 1000 young concubines? I will teach you their secret….

Those who practise any form of qigong correctly will have noticed some improvements in their health and energy level, and some will also notice the improvement in their sexual health. But those who want drastic improvements in sexual energy and performance will have to practise sexual qigong.


Sometime back I described some exercises of the Secret Treasures Qigong ( see Secrets of Qigong at ). Today I will describe the Shaolin ZiFa Sexual Qigong. While there are many styles of qigong that are good for sexual health, this style can restore your libido and sexual power within a short time, if you practise regularly.

This qigong style is unique in that the sexual qi is quickly charged as you do the exercises which involve shaking and vibrating the sexual organs. But don’t try this at home without learning properly from the master. You can injure yourself!!

The shaking and vibrating exercises enhance and distribute the qi to the whole body for health and healing, and when concentrated on the kidneys, pelvis and sexual organs, they will restore the libido, sexual power and endurance quickly. This applies to both men and women. The men will have strong and lasting erections, and timely ejaculations; and the women will have better sensation, lubrication, grip and orgasm. The exercises will tighten their vaginas and prevent uterine prolapse as well.

Male students are always astounded ( and delighted ) when the master causes them to have strong erections just by sending his qi to the pelvic area. For those with erectile dysfunction, this convinces them that it is possible to improve and regain their erectile function as they get repeatedly charged during the therapy sessions. After several sessions and with their own regular practice, their own qi will enable them to have erections.

It is obvious that male and female students have to have separate classes, with the females being taught by a female master or teacher. Otherwise they will end up in an orgy!

The exercises are done in the standing, sitting and sleeping positions, so you can imagine how versatile you can be in bed! And when you have practised enough, your sex organs will vibrate by themselves whenever you start the exercise! That’s really amazing. Imagine what can happen when you are ready for sex…

After you have learned, you can practise at home for faster results. At home, in the privacy of your bedroom, you actually get better results if you practise naked. During the sexual qigong exercises, you are required to think of sex and focus your mind and qi to the sexual organs. Males will know that they have succeeded when they get erections, but it is not so easy for women.

There are many sexual qigong exercises from various qigong styles. Unfortunately it will be inappropriate for me to describe these in detail here. They all involve holding, massaging, “cupping” and “charging” the sexual organs and the surrounding areas; exercises for the pelvic muscles and kidneys; and learning to focus the qi to these areas.

Many people get excited when they discover about sexual qigong, and some do go for lessons. However, I must warn those who go for lessons that they must attend the lessons regularly, and also practise by themselves regularly in between. Otherwise it will take a long time before they see any results. This is because the cumulative effect of regular charging, unblocking, and improving the qi-flow is essential for the fast results described above to be possible. Those who practise everyday can be assured of results, and the minimum to see good results is alternate-day practice. If you practise less frequently, you can expect slower results.


While qigong is indeed a booster for sexual health, you must not neglect your cardiovascular fitness as the sexual function is intimately linked to cardiovascular health, especially in men.

So if you are not doing aerobic exercises 30 minutes 3 times per week, you are not doing enough to keep your body healthy. It is even better if you can exercise daily. The benefits of aerobics exercise are numerous and well understood. I only wish to remind that aerobics and qigong exercises are complementary. If you also do stretching, toning and muscle-building exercises, then your physical health program is complete and you can expect to be in tip-top health, have a svelte or macho body, and be abounding in energy.


Since the coronary arteries and penile arteries need sufficient nitric oxide (NO) for healthy blood flow ( see Nitric Energy Healing at ), you can improve your heart health and get great erections by making sure you have enough NO in your body all the time ( Viagra and related drugs work by blocking the break-down of whatever little NO you have ). Three scientists won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of this role of NO, and since then NO-boosting supplements have been formulated by them. I have been taking such a supplement daily for the last three years.

With sexual qigong, aerobics, gymwork and my daily NO-booster supplements, it is no wonder that my wife is happy all the time!


Dr Amir Farid Isahak
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