Why Super Qigong is the best for you

Super Qigong is absolutely beneficial to our own body. Here's why


Qigong practice can reduce pain, stress and the effects of sickness from the body. Many Qigong practitioners have been able to recover from severe chronic diseases


The healing effects of Qigong are not restricted to cancer only, but can be beneficial to all diseases. For some it may be the only effective therapy, for others it may complement other treatments.


Students have an access to health related questions & answer (Q&A) with Dr Amir through Whatsapp. Also students have privileges as PLC member to get good quality supplements and products at member prices, discounts and savings

SuperQigong is a set of Qigong exercise devised and taught by Dr Amir Farid, a respected Qigong Master who has practiced and taught various styles of Qigong for over 25 years.

Being a medical specialist as well, he has extensive knowledge of health, and being one of the pioneers of holistic integrated health in Malaysia, he has a unique insight into health and healing.


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Fair & Beautiful

Fair & Beautiful rapidly boosts your gluthatione levels for health, healing, detox and rejuvenation. It is the cheapest and most convenient way to boost gluthatione levels.

Forever Young HGH Spray + Colostrum

A unique Natural HGH Releaser enriched with colostrum

Cell Rejuvenator – Gluthathione Booster

Gluthathione is produced by every cell in your body.  It is the primary protector and detoxifier of cells.


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